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Hello hello, happy new year everybody!

I do wish my first post of the year could be one with new drawings, but the thing is, though I have been very productive in December, I don't have anything to show for it as everything is tied up in fests. I did a Big Thing for Hoggywarty and two pictures for Snapecase - in fact I have committed to do a third as a pinch-hit. I do have a few sketches to share (and again, lots more that I can't, because they concern my fest entries).

Hoggywarty Christmas is still at full swing over at [community profile] hoggywartyxmas, so I have come bearings some recs; these are my favourites so far.

So Bracing (PG-13, 9225 words), by Anonymous, is the tale of how Tom, landlord of the Leaky Cauldron, uses his wisdom and extensive experience as a barman to fix the lives of the Hogwarts Headmistress and a fellow barman in Skegness. Delightful, beautifully crafted, clever and wise. Don't miss the conversation with the mirror.

Friends, Teachers, Countrymen (R, 3700 words), by Anonymous, is the achingly perfect tale of Severus Snape's staff Christmas party during his year as Headmaster. It is very Snape (the worst and the best of him), therefore it made me cry.

Hiring Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers and Other Unforgivable Acts (PG, 3630 words) by Anonymous. I may be a bit biased here because this is my gift, based on a prompt that I'd wanted to read for a long time :D. We finally get to see what went on behind closed doors, when a new DADA teacher must be found. The story is delightfully understated, with a perfect Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall, and an ending that - well, I shouldn't give that away.

Love Hides in Familiar Faces (G, 4300 words), by Anonymous, is a beautifully-crafted fairytale in which Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape and Horace Slughorn receive a helping ... hand ... from an unexpected party. Lovely and heart-warming.

Exploding Crackers (G) is, very simply, an exquisite (animated!) Christmas picture by an artist whose anonymity I must uphold even though I'd know them anywhere :P. Enjoy!

Finally, have some Snapes on a train...

 photo snapes_on_a_train_web_zpsolikgmxh.jpg
[The children, from left to right, are Morgana (6), Magnus (10), Alexander (15) and Alba (19)]

...and Snape in a cardie. (Don't ask.)

 photo cardie_web_zpsy0f1lzc0.jpg
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Here's a happy birthday to the Man Who Undoubtedly Lived!

Let's celebrate with some recs from [community profile] hoggywartyxmas - starting with my fabulous gift! It was written, compiled and provided with selected illustrations by [profile] shiv5468 who, let's be honest, spoiled me rotten. Therefore -

Get thee to Hoggywarty to read The Sweet Smell of Success (G, 2500 words), a tale of perfume, poetry and plenty of Aubrey Beardsley.

Shiv did not only gift me with a story; she also included the entire, illustrated catalogue to which the story makes reference. I don't know what I did to deserve that XD. It's such a fabulous mix of the Hogwarts Ladies; an absent but perfect Snape; one of my very favourite artists; and a number of my favourite poets. Just- just SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE is what I say.

Now, despite the utter perfection of my gift, I didn't close my eyes to other goings-on at The Hoggywarty, and I'd like to share a few more titles I have enjoyed very much:

[personal profile] cabepfir's Big Great Hogwarts Quiz (G, art and, well, a quiz of course): go and have a look to see how well you do ;).

I have limitless admiration for people with a capacity to write comical verse. I miss [profile] _vocalion_'s and [profile] _grainne_'s jocular virtuosity, and was delighted when I came across [profile] atdelphi's A Midwinter Night's Revel (Teen, 500 words). It's just ... ahahahahahaaaa!

[personal profile] therealsnape's Case of the Cat Show Corruption (PG-13, 9700 words, no warnings), in which Spinster Detective Minerva McGonagall cracks a case for Mr Filch. I am a sucker for Hogwarts detective stories - I have always dreamed of writing one, but I couldn't write a mystery to save my life - and there are so few of them around. This one is, in one word, excellent. It is so completely in character that I suspect TRS found McGonagall's diary and passed it off as her own ;-).

I usually steer clear of anything rated over PG-13 and carrying warnings like "voyeurism", but this time round I gave in to my own inner voyeur (ahem) and went to read [profile] kellychambliss's Look Not at the Things (R, 10,600 words, voyeurism). It's a sharp and unvarnished look at Snape as a recent ex-Death Eater - an astute portrait of a disillusioned, desperately lonely and cynical young man who finds himself quite lost in an environment with, well, rather more emotionally balanced people. This story really packs a punch. It hurts. But in the end there is hope.

My gift for [personal profile] albalark is this picture to accompany her Snape birthday story, Saturday's Child, so I think I can safely post it here in celebration of the one and only Potions Master (sorry, Professor Slughorn).

 photo saturdays_child_web_zps4fa16636.jpg

It's Reeves acrylic paint on cardboard, because yes, I'm going to art school now ;-)! [personal profile] cabepfir kindly lent me a hand and beta'ed the painting. The flaws are now beginning to jump out at me, but I'm still kind of proud of it as one of my first steps in a new medium and an approach that is, quite frankly, the complete opposite of everything I have been doing in art (such as it is) so far.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013 04:46 pm
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Okaaayyy... I haven't been able to connect to LJ for a few days in a row, and according to it's working for everyone else... This is not fun.

So, um, if anyone is waiting for a reply from me: I can't reply. Technically impossible. I wanted to post about my gift at [community profile] hoggywartyxmas, but I can't get the link because I have no access to the site anymore ;_;. So, um, go read my gift story! But you'll have to find it for yourself :(.

ETA: [personal profile] dueltastic to the rescue! The story is On Learning to Forgive - or how an unforgivable oversight on the part of JKR can become a clever, thoughtful tale... Featuring Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape, G.
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...I have such a back log of gift art that it's not funny :p. That's what I get for being bad at gift-giving: I offer pictures instead of purchases, but I have to get them all done! And I'm not always equally inspired, so sometimes it really takes time to create something I can offer without blushing.

In any case, here is one friend 'taken care of': [profile] bettyboop_comic. He introduced me to the manga Lone Wolf and Cub (well, to all manga really - and I distinctly remember him glowering at me when, being asked what sort of manga I wanted, I replied "one in which the characters have those large eyes!". He grudgingly steered me towards La Rose de Versailles and then nearly forced me to read Lone Wolf to make up for my faux-pas...). Here is my take on the Cub from the title: Daigoro. I just love Daigoro. Being a little boy, he is so much more human than his father! At the same time, he is a Baby Bushi. Poor thing.


Meanwhile, there is some great ficcing going on at [community profile] hoggywartyxmas! I haven't read fic in a loooong time, but Hoggywarty is traditionally less ship-oriented than your average fest, which is always attractive for me. This year seems to be a particularly good one :). My personal faves so far:

The Incomplete Art of Cartography (G) by Anonymous - a wonderful, poetic, thoughtful story about three places that aren't on the Marauders' Map. Featuring Minerva McGonagall, Horace Slughorn and Remus Lupin - gen.

Humbug (PG-13) by Anonymous - Snape, hardly an expert gift-giver, has finally found the perfect gift for McGonagall. But somehow he has trouble getting it delivered. Includes Snape's close-reading of Dickens's Christmas Carol :D. Truly excellent, with a perfect Snape and delightful humour - gen.

My gift isn't up yet, but someone who wishes to stay Anonymous (though I'd recognise her art anywhere :D) has posted a lovely illustration to my (equally lovely) gift fic of last year, Reflections in Liquid by [personal profile] purplefluffycat. So I feel like I have been doubly 'gifted' :D.

Rec: Vigil (G)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011 09:53 pm
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Ack! I've been so busy doing stuff for school that I haven't been very active here - and so I have failed, so far, to rec my wonderful [ profile] springtime_gen gift fic. And I'm kind of ashamed because of my lateness, because I really enjoyed the fic a lot. It is a very quiet, reflective story. After the Battle of Hogwarts, McGonagall is beset by doubts about the way she has dealt with Snape, and she talks this over with Flitwick. It's the sort of thing I really wanted to see in canon, but which of course never materialised. *hugs mystery author*

Title: Vigil
Author: ???
Recipient: sigune
Character(s): Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1098
Warnings: None
Summary: It's been two days since Severus's death, and Minerva McGonagall can't sleep.


In other fannish news, Bloomsbury wants to know who your favourite character in the Potter books is. J.K. Rowling has said that she'd love to have dinner with Dumbledore and listen to his sage counsel. You know you want to have dinner with Snape, right? Go vote for the Potions Master here and make your voice heard!
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During the holidays, I joined [ profile] hoggywartyxmas. I joined rather late and was the only artist at the fest, so I didn't expect to get a gift. But [ profile] therealsnape, rather un-snapishly, thought I should have one, and so she contacted [ profile] purplefluffycat, who wrote Reflections in Liquid in response. She nailed my tastes exactly with four subtle and sensitive vignettes featuring Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Horace Slughorn and Severus Snape. Christmastide may be over, but the story is still a real treat :). Go read!

Title: Reflections in Liquid
Author: [ profile] purplefluffycat
Rating: (mild) PG-13
Word Count: About 1050
Characters and/or Pairings: Gen, characters: Severus, Minerva, Albus, Horace.
Summary: A quiet moment at Hogwarts' staff Christmas drinks, Albus' last Christmas as Headmaster. What could be more evocative than a favourite Christmas tipple?

- I haven't been keeping up with comments very well lately, because - well, because the holidays are over and work is back. I'll catch up as soon as I can...
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The Snapedom Summer Fest is nearly over! I really enjoyed taking part in it; I thought it was a great idea and I hope there will be a repeat next summer :D. For those of you who weren’t in the loop (though at this point it is difficult to imagine anyone being less in the loop than myself): the Fest was an exchange between writers, artists and crafters. So I would draw an illustration for a writer’s existing story, and a writer would write a story to go with one of my existing pictures. I got matched with [ profile] mary_j_59. And it’s really high time I pointed you at the story she wrote for me!

If you have ever read any of Mary’s stories, you will know that she is not really into spectacular action or incredible romance. Instead, she paints sensitive, psychologically true pictures of her characters, who are at their most interesting between grand events rather than in the middle of them. She likes them deeply human, with imperfections that touch her readers. Me, I lurve imperfections XD.

I was really excited when Mary said she wanted to tackle Ride of the Valkyrie, my slightly crazy picture featuring Snape, my OFC Brynhild Bromley, and a white horse. I had never expected anyone to be interested in writing my original character - I had never heard of a writer writing another person’s Snape/OFC ship! Naturally I was thrilled, and even more so because it was Mary who would be writing…

Brynhild in Mary’s story sounds so much like Brynhild that it makes me all giggly and a little spooked out *g*. And I just adore that my favourite hag, Severus’s mother-in-law, gets to put in an appearance too :D. My OFCs and I feel loved and honoured. Thank you very much for a great gift, Mary!

Go, pop over to Snapedom and have a look…

Ride of the Valkyrie!

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I signed up for hp_beholder, a fic and art exchange moderated by [ profile] bethbethbeth at IJ. It is all about those canon characters who don't get enough love in fanfic. The idea appealed to me, so I offered to do some gift art. But the best thing is of course that I got a gift fic in return :D! It has posted last Friday, so now I must urge you all to go and read it, especially [ profile] lewlinx :).

Title: Driving Mrs. Weasley
Rating: G
Pairings: Arthur/Molly
Word Count: 1403
Warnings: None
Summary:Title: In a missing moment from Chamber of Secrets, Arthur and Molly make up after the Ford Anglia fight.

It's a lovely story featuring Arthur Weasley, who is one of my favourite characters in canon, and his Mollywobbles. Read it to find out why the Ford Anglia can fly, and just enjoy a great IC missing moment.

*huggles Anonymous*

...Yes, it's an anonymous exchange. I fear that as soon as my contribution gets posted, it will be immediately obvious to anyone who knows my art that it is mine XD. If I was supposed to masquerade behind an unusual style, it should have been in the briefing :P.

But what are you still doing here? Go read my delicious Weasley gift!
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Squee! Tidemark won me a banner at [ profile] romancingwizard! I'm really happy that it has been so well-received - it does make me feel eager to write again :-). It is nice to be able to upload a new story to my archive accounts... At FA and Petulant Poetess it is still pending, but at Occlumency it is already up, here.


Fic: Tidemark (PG)

Saturday, 23 February 2008 12:22 pm
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Here is is: my first post-DH fic... It is as canon-compliant as I could get it. I may have admitted to Snily (it's hard to get around these days), but at least I have made Brynhild fit in :-).

Title: Tidemark
Author: [ profile] sigune
Beta: [ profile] todayiamadaisy
Wizard/Witch: Severus Snape/Lily Evans; Severus Snape/Brynhild Bromley (OFC)
Rating/Warnings: G/PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Word count: Exactly 750
Prompt: #6, marriage proposal
Summary: She’s a whisper in water, a secret for him to hear. He’s the one who grows distant, when she beckons him near.


The challenge requirements - because the writing was prompted by [ profile] romancingwizard's seventeenth challenge - were a pain at times, but in other ways they helped me. The word limit, especially, forced me to keep to the point and to streamline the story.

Saint Severus

Wednesday, 29 August 2007 05:08 pm
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Whenever I am busy with something really important in RL, I get ideas for fanfic. Yay. If the bad news is that I really can't afford to sit down and write fic at this moment, the good news is that the WIP of Doom - Post DH Remix is making more sense every day and pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling in their right place.

One of the things I am trying to do is to paint a picture of the Snape family that does not contradict canon but nevertheless rejects 'wife-and-child-beating Tobias' and 'victimised Eileen'. I am glad to say that this is finally beginning to work. Without going into detail, one thing I needed was an explanation of little Severus's first name. It's an odd name for a British boy (I wonder whether there are any real little Severuses in Britain, actually), so my first thought was that it must be a wizard name that Eileen had chosen. Only - now that I am re-imagining the Snape family, it really doesn't suit me at all that Eileen should give her child a name from the wizarding world, so I had to look for an alternative explanation.

I found one :-).

Those of you who are familiar with my fics know that I have consistently imagined Severus Snape as a Catholic. Well, there are several Catholic saints called Severus; and it is not uncommon (or usen't to be until society secularised so much) to call a child after a saint. Because I like to pad my stories and characters, I don't assign names completely at random - if possible, I like them to say something about a character. In this case, Severus has been named already; but I still wanted to check up on the saints Severus to see if I could find anything of use in terms of symbols and such. What I found is so very striking that I wonder if JKR knows XD.

There is a Saint Severus of Avranches, who is invoked against migraine XD (that's good to know!); Saint Severus of Barcelona, martyred under the Visigoths who drove nails into his temples; Saint Severus of Trèves, a Gaul who became a bishop in Germania; Saint Severus of Androcca, who raised a dead man to life in order to be able to administer him the last rites. There is a Saint Severus church in Erfurt (Thüringen, Germany). But the best one is...

Saint Severus of Ravenna )
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Professor Snape's Address is featured this month at Occlumency! XD

Hee! It's officially New Canon Month, and look what happens: the SH mods have dug up my good old Professor Snape's Address! Must be in the spirit of hope for Snape and Slytherin ;-)... Squee! I'm really happy about this :D - it's a great and a pleasant surprise!

In case you haven't read the story yet, and are curious:

Title: Professor Snape's Address
Genre: missing moment, one-shot, written after OotP (and still standing!)
Era: Harry's sixth year
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Characters: Severus Snape, assorted Slytherins
Summary: As Draco Malfoy, Theo Nott and Blaise Zabini enter their sixth year at Hogwarts, Professor Snape delivers a strange little speech to the Slytherins. What is he playing at? And what are the students to make of it?

Last Saturday for the first time in ages my fingers ached again for continuing on the WIP of Doom. Sadly I can't afford the time! *whines*
I wonder how I will feel about it after DH... Who knows...?

Two recs

Friday, 9 February 2007 12:08 pm
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Minty Fresh by [ profile] lionille
272 words
Rated G
Characters: James, Remus and Lily

This kind of story is why I love the Marauders. –Yes, I do love them, though I couldn’t write them properly. I haven’t got the right esprit or the right sense of humour. [ profile] lionille has :). She writes a charmingly boyish James, a bit silly because he is in love, and an excellent, down-to-earth Remus. In less than three hundred words, relationships and personalities are sketched to perfection, and light-hearted fun is to be had. It’s a lovely little story. I found it very late last night and wasn’t capable of anything more than a small excited squee, but I’m trying to make up for that now by reccing it to you :D.

Olive Branch by [ profile] jen_deben
Rated G
Characters: Snape and Remus

Mouse does not post a lot of art, but when she does, it is guaranteed to be worthwhile :D. I immediately fell in love with her Snape in this PoA missing moment scene. The fine lineart and the soft, subtle shading are simply ravishing. Snape’s robe is wonderful, particularly because its uniform black is broken by the neckline and the small clasp. Yum.

Writing Meme

Monday, 22 January 2007 12:30 am
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I nicked this from [ profile] lareinenoire, just to motivate myself to do more ficcing ;)...

Writing Meme )
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[ profile] pr_rpg ended on 30 October, but I - suffering from tortuous writing processes - have only just managed to bring the story of [ profile] pr_snape to a close. I apologise to those among you who have friended the man in question for littering your flist with that "Coming Soon" thingy, but [ profile] pr_aerie got closed down before I had my entry ready, and I absolutely wanted the link in place. If you read it and think, "What took her so long about this short text?", well, I couldn't decide on the shape, even if I have known for ages what the ending would be -_-. Anyway - this is it, finally: the end.

[ profile] pr_brynhild's last entry, How to be Free in One Lesson, can be considered the one but final chapter as it ties a few things together in greater detail than they are dealt with in the Snape text;


[ profile] pr_snape's Brave New World is the very last instalment of the saga.

With that, I have done my duty as far as securing Snape's future after Book 7 by means of fanfic is concerned ;P.

I don't think I have ever written such a long story in my life; what an adventure it has been :)...

Hope you enjoyed it!

RPG Update

Thursday, 28 September 2006 10:04 pm
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It seems that I was a little too optimistic when I said that I'd wrap my Snape story for Phoenix Rising up this week. As usual, I have to deal with an awful delay. In any case, a lot has happened last week, and the recent entries were spread over several journals, so I thought I'd post a sort of guideline here :).

- As Snape contemplates his revenge against Szabo, he receives some unexpected, but very useful, information from Avery in Designs and Desperation.

- The next important event happens here.

- The revenge scheme begins to unfold in Enter the Bogeyman.

Snape's revenge is intertwined with a huge plot involving a host of other characters in several group posts.

* While Snape has his back turned, Mulciber and the Lestrange brothers are up to no good.

* Meanwhile in England, several witches find out they have been hoodwinked by their Significant Others.

* Snape - and just about everybody else involved - enters Hera’s Domain.

* A number of young wizards and witches have an unusual encounter.

* Finally, Snape tries to get his hands on The Last Apple of the Hesperides.

- While Snape is having his strange adventure, Brynhild keeps her end of the bargain in Are You Ready, Boots?

Heh. That's it, so far. More coming up.
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I am celebrating a sad sort of fandom anniversary this month. It is one entire year ago that my last fic, Monkey Business, made its début at Mugglenet. Since then, I have written three miserable drabbles, one of which I never even took the trouble to post. I started to think about my lack of fic-production because last week, Potioncat, my earliest friend in HP fandom, gently nudged me and let me know she would like me to write more. She has a point. There has been a year of silence. Well, of course there is the [ profile] pr_snape saga that I started in January and which is now drawing to a close, but that has some ten readers if I’m lucky (mind you, they’re great readers and I love them :D!); and I did write and present a paper at Lumos.

The thing is, when I looked at my fandom participation of the past ficless year, I realised that I have been way more active on the arts front instead. I have drawn some ten pages of the comic; I have enlarged my character repertoire with Eileen Prince, Luna Lovegood, Pansy and Narcissa; I drew three pictures for [ profile] snape_the_hbp’s Fest (Troubled Sleep, A Desperate Mother and a breast-feeding Eileen Prince); I have completed my first commission; I drew my very first picture with pen and ink, Sleeping Ugly; and most recently I completed my submission for [ profile] kinda_lush, This Book…. I am not counting my first dA kiriban (for which I had to learn how to draw cats), my showdown picture and [ profile] todayiamadaisy’s cat, (attempt at) Japanese style.

I’m not sure I have an explanation for this shift from writing towards art. I have come across several plot bunnies on my way, but they have all been channelled into the direction of that WIP of Doom that I keep going on about but of which nobody except [ profile] todayiamadaisy and [ profile] _vocalion_ has ever seen more than a shred. It’s strange for me to think that when I turn to fic again, I’ll be writing one long thing instead of short stories, but it looks as if that is exactly what’s going to happen. For some reason, HBP has given me inspiration that drives me back to the characters’ past, not the present of Book Six or the future land of Seven…

One impression I have – but I may be wrong – is that the shift from writing to art largely coincides with my existence in LJ land. I don’t know – I have the feeling my drawings are more appreciated here than my fics; most people have friended me for my pictures, I think. But then again, that may be because I post my stories in archives rather than directly in my journal…?

So, um, because I have been thinking about this, and also because I like making polls, I’ve drawn up a poll that should help me assess what sort of things people like, and like to see me do more.

Take the poll... )

Rec! Rec! Rec!

Sunday, 9 July 2006 01:19 am
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While I'm hanging around, I must take the opportunity to pimp two gen rec lists:

[ profile] ani_bester is setting up a Gen Art masterlist


[ profile] chthonya is setting up a Gen Fic masterlist.

Please, dear flistees, help Gen survive in this harsh world of fandom, where the poor phenomenon is threatened by strangulation with smut, kinky hanky-panky and other porn. Please recommend any Gen gems you may have encountered during your roamings on the web, and vote for those you like that are already on the list, so that we may all share in them!

Ficcy Stuff

Wednesday, 17 May 2006 06:02 pm
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I woke up this morning to find that I am now a validated author at Mugglenet. Just what this means to my posting practice I have yet to discover.

The news cheered me up, of course - whee, I can mod myself! - but actually I'm against the system of validated authors. Even people who generally write good stuff should be checked for quality; there will always be slip-ups big and small, and, for myself, I really want them pointed out to me. I usually have my stories beta-read by several people, but time and again, the severe SH mods pick up mistakes, as do the strict mods at OWL. (That alone, I think, is the reason why I made it to validated status at Mugglenet. I usually post there last of all, meaning that a) my minimum of two betas, b) the SH mods, c) my SQ beta and d) the OWL mods have all scrutinised the text. I get a lot of help, as you can see :D.)

Anyway - now I'll just have to wait until I get a review - at Mugglenet that tends to be ever so slightly problematic for me :).

As I am updating on my writing, I thought I'd also pick up where I left off about [ profile] pr_snape. This is slightly embarrassing; having pointed out how many people check my regular stuff, I'm a bit annoyed about how quickly I write my PR entries and about how no one checks them at all *blushes*. But I just haven't got the time to polish them. Mostly it's "Come on, Sigune, time to whip up another one!" :/ But as long as they're fun, I continue.

The Spy’s Progress
Customer Relations
A Father’s Duty
The Eldest Snapeling
Paying the Piper
(my favourite so far, together with Of Bad Books, Part II)
In London

These days, there is a lot of interaction between Snape and his daughter (the one he didn't have when JKR was asked, but has been conceived in the meantime :D). Snape cum family is really something very difficult to manage for me, and I'm not always sure whether I actually pull it off, but it's worth trying. At least, when Rowling kills him off, I'll know I gave Snape a future and can wander out of fandom with my mind at rest ;).


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