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Happy birthday, Severus Snape!

Because all my plans for birthday drawings have gone awry, on the occasion of Snape's birthday I'm going to dig up what used to be an old favourite and share my comic-making process. Does anyone remember "How Not To Draw Comics"? I did these entries where I documented the making of my first ever complete comic in 18 pages - which was, would you believe it, a Snape comic. I worked on it for years, mostly because I drew a page whenever I felt particularly inspired - which, seeing as we are talking about me, Little Miss No Idea, wasn't very often. My way of working was incredibly chaotic.

Ten years or so later, nothing much has changed.

The reveals for [community profile] hoggywartyxmas are up, so I can now officially admit to having created Great Balls of Snow. (Being me, I'd actually put my NAME on the title card. I was so very tired at that point I didn't even realise I'd sent a SIGNED entry to an anonymous fest! D'oh!) I have to say, I had a ball working on this thing. It wore me out completely, but boy, was it ever so much fun. However, I felt very bad about it, because I missed two deadlines and was afraid [personal profile] therealsnape would start to think I was a total flake or something. No. I'm just chaotic and slow. (Not when I'm doing my job! Seriously. But when I'm making comics and stuff... Ack.)

Anyway -

Below the cut: lots and lots of images! Lots and lots of sketchy Snape! Developing ideas! Rubbish! If you're interested, and you haven't read the comic yet, I'd say, read it first. It's complete in 41 panels (not pages - just panels), here at Hoggywarty or on Tumblr if you like. And then come back for the Making-Of :).

How Not To Draw Comics - Great Balls of Snow )

Well, that was the story of that comic. It eventually got done and TRS accepted it. And all was well ;).
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Hello hello, happy new year everybody!

I do wish my first post of the year could be one with new drawings, but the thing is, though I have been very productive in December, I don't have anything to show for it as everything is tied up in fests. I did a Big Thing for Hoggywarty and two pictures for Snapecase - in fact I have committed to do a third as a pinch-hit. I do have a few sketches to share (and again, lots more that I can't, because they concern my fest entries).

Hoggywarty Christmas is still at full swing over at [community profile] hoggywartyxmas, so I have come bearings some recs; these are my favourites so far.

So Bracing (PG-13, 9225 words), by Anonymous, is the tale of how Tom, landlord of the Leaky Cauldron, uses his wisdom and extensive experience as a barman to fix the lives of the Hogwarts Headmistress and a fellow barman in Skegness. Delightful, beautifully crafted, clever and wise. Don't miss the conversation with the mirror.

Friends, Teachers, Countrymen (R, 3700 words), by Anonymous, is the achingly perfect tale of Severus Snape's staff Christmas party during his year as Headmaster. It is very Snape (the worst and the best of him), therefore it made me cry.

Hiring Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers and Other Unforgivable Acts (PG, 3630 words) by Anonymous. I may be a bit biased here because this is my gift, based on a prompt that I'd wanted to read for a long time :D. We finally get to see what went on behind closed doors, when a new DADA teacher must be found. The story is delightfully understated, with a perfect Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall, and an ending that - well, I shouldn't give that away.

Love Hides in Familiar Faces (G, 4300 words), by Anonymous, is a beautifully-crafted fairytale in which Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape and Horace Slughorn receive a helping ... hand ... from an unexpected party. Lovely and heart-warming.

Exploding Crackers (G) is, very simply, an exquisite (animated!) Christmas picture by an artist whose anonymity I must uphold even though I'd know them anywhere :P. Enjoy!

Finally, have some Snapes on a train...

 photo snapes_on_a_train_web_zpsolikgmxh.jpg
[The children, from left to right, are Morgana (6), Magnus (10), Alexander (15) and Alba (19)]

...and Snape in a cardie. (Don't ask.)

 photo cardie_web_zpsy0f1lzc0.jpg
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My very best wishes to all of you out there! May your Christmas/seasonal holiday of choice be properly merry, and may the new year bring you beauty and friendship and, you know, good stuff!

 photo christmas_2016_web_zps6asoe4uc.jpg

Christmas cards

Sunday, 20 November 2016 11:36 am
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OK, so Photobucket is being infuriating again and not allowing me to upload (or log in, for that matter) :( :( :(. I wanted to show you some teaser sketches I did for this year's Chistmas card, but... no such luck. They are here on Tumblr, if you would like to have a gander. It's an Arthurian card, despite my rather Snapeish output recently - it will feature Gawain, Bedwyr, Cai and Arthur :).


The Christmas card is just about ready (there are some minor tweaks to be done), so this year it could actually arrive on time! It has a more complex image than usual, and I have coloured it digitally - that's a first. I was really worried about having to make a different version with watercolour because I don't trust my digital colouring skills, but it hasn't been necessary. The result doesn't look like any of my other stuff, but I am quite pleased with it :).

As has been my custom for a few years now, I'm going to have the card printed. There will be some 30 or 40, and every year I have enough stock left - so if you would like to receive a card, please don't be shy and send me your address. You are in no way under any obligation to send me a card in return; I'm just doing this for fun.

So, what to do? Just send me your address by e-mail (severelysigune at yahoo dot co dot uk) or by pm on my Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Tumblr or Deviantart accounts.

That's it for now. I need to work on those Snapesy fest entries :P.
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Beardless Snape and Brynhild. I have to say, I feel slightly ashamed for persisting with the dreaded Snape/OFC, even in my more mature years, but seriously, Snape and Brynhild do belong together in my head and I really can't think of any more comforting scenario. Probably because my imagination is very limited.

Safehouse photo safehouse_web_zpstjsqhdvf.jpg

Catching-up post

Sunday, 20 November 2016 11:09 am
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Gosh. I completely forgot to share my last Inktobers... There was a reason - like, I have been working rather hard on my Christmas card :p. Which is done now. I'll make a separate post for it and, you know, ask who wants one. But here are my very Potter Inktobers. Harry and Dumbledore were Tumblr requests.

 photo 2016_day31_web_zpsshwzyvfg.jpg
(This is so me - I started drawing rather randomly on the page and so the broomstick didn't fit on anymore. *sigh* Some friends have been urging me to become a semi-professional artist, but I think you can see why I am not really convinced myself :p.)

 photo 2016_day22_web_zpsttrevyqr.jpg
(Dumbles deserves a better picture. But at least I gave him nice hair.)

 photo 2016_day23_web_zpszmgwsnsv.jpg
(This is actually A4 size, so it took me more time to finish than is practical for an Inktober. But I had such fun with it. Bearded Snape has become quite dear to me. You can tell how relaxed he is by the fact that you can see BITS OF SKIN. Originally there wasn't an undershirt, but I was shocked at quite how exposed he looked, so I drew it on. I mean, there are points of relaxation that he just won't cross :p...

My two fest entries aren't done yet. Because I want too much. I'm working on them.
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Last one for today, I promise :). On my Tumblr account, I offered to do prompts for Inktober, and here is the first, for [personal profile] cabepfir. She requested a character from Oscar Wilde. I came up with one she probably wouldn't have imagined, but there you go.

You don't really read Wilde for his characters, do you. Most of the time they are vehicles for particular ideas; they aren't really people of flesh and blood. Arguably the most complex of Wilde's characters is Herod in Salomé. Hence: my favourite.

 photo 2016_day15_web_zpsxojvdxed.jpg

I rather think he steals Herodias's eyeliner.

It bugs me that in the Richard Strauss opera, Herod is turned into a comical character. He isn't comical. If you make him comical, you haven't understood him. No really. You leave my Herod alone.

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I drew this Morgause with little Mordred on Day 5, but was really unhappy with her.

 photo 2016_day5_web_zps0wbnjazl.jpg

I don't know what it is - Morgause is just difficult? :/

Fortunately on Day 12 I managed a really cute young Gawain. I felt a bit foolish for wanting to draw him playing the flute, because it's tricky to get the hands right - I needed reference for that. But I'm really pleased with the result.

 photo 2016_day12_web_zpsjchmwsqe.jpg

Finally, because my Morgause picture convinced me that I'm useless at drawing women, I attempted a Morgana on Day 14. Morgana nearly always works for me, which is just great. I love Morgana :).

 photo 2016_day14_web_zpszsbrkf7n.jpg
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Well here are some Snapes (+ one Brynhild) that I drew for Inktober. Those are days 9, 11 and 13.

 photo 2016_day9_web_zpsaegmbzwv.jpg

 photo 2016_day11_web_zpso58izyj5.jpg

 photo 2016_day13_zpsa8zhorzt.jpg

...They're not as nice as Day 4, but I'm not finding it easy to come up with something good every day XD. Little Snape portraits are my drawing equivalent of comfort food, so as I try to keep up with Inktober, now and then I take recourse to these simple things.
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Okay, this is blech: I wanted to post my Inktobers (9-13) - there are Snapes amongst them - but Photobucket seems to be down. Poo.

Well, I'll take this opportunity to remind you that sign-ups for [community profile] snapecase are still open. Come on, you know you want to! It's SNAPE!

Snape Showcase
[info]snapecase: Celebrating Severus Snape throughout his ages!
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FIRST! I've received really nice and thoughtful comments to my pictures, and I haven't got round to answering them yet. But I will! I'll reply as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay!

Second: Inktober continues.

I'm still keeping up! Yes, it's only day 4, but I don't think I've actually managed 4 Inktober drawings in a row before ;)...

The Day 3 picture was really drawn on 3 October, but I didn't have the time to scan and post it, seeing as I spent all day at work and all night in class. It was drawn in about 10 minutes because I simply didn't have more time but I didn't want to abandon the "one picture a day" thing after only two days :p. Day 4 took about an hour, between 9 and 10 pm, minus the concept which I'd figured out during the day.

Greasy Curtain photo greasy_curtain_web_zpsh3qvrxtd.jpg

I am rather pleased with this one, and not just because it has my beardy post-DH Snape in it ;).

Float photo floating_web_zpsjqqaznbu.jpg

The Coat

Sunday, 2 October 2016 11:12 pm
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 photo youngun_web_zpswebulscf.jpg

Can't explain why, but this one is kinda dear to me.

I have trouble believing that Tobias Snape ever called his son by that outlandish name of Severus. So in my headcanon he refers to Severus as "young 'un" - which I like very much because it happens to sound almost exactly like "jongen", which is the Dutch word for boy.

On a side note, while it seems quite clear to me that Severus was a neglected child, I don't think his parents are entirely to blame for his strange getup. It looks too much like a child's attempt to dress in a wizard's robes and cape.

I have vivid memories of playing Sheriff of Nottingham in a tunic made of an old tablecloth, a cape made of an old curtain, a number of my mother’s vividly-coloured silk scarves and a pair of white suede boots that were several sizes too large. In my head I looked great in them, but my mum was invariably mortified when she discovered I’d actually left the house dressed like that. It was only the expression on my mother's face that ever made me realise that I didn't quite look the way I imagined I did.
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I spent too much time redrawing Bagheera and Shere Khan today, so I only have two figures on offer :/. Tomorrow I have class, so Day 3 will probably see a quick sketch...

 photo jungle_book_2_web_zpsqceqmutj.jpg

Inktober 2016: day 1

Saturday, 1 October 2016 11:51 pm
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Combining my class assignment with Inktober, because inky (and I'm behind with class work :p). Here are Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera reimagined as humans in a Wild West context. We could choose the context we wanted, and, I dunno, I felt like drawing 19th-century cowboy stuff.

Tomorrow: more Bagheera, and Shere Khan. Maybe Kaa, if I get round to that (it would be over-zealous, 'cause the assignment said 'four characters').

Inktober 2016: day 1 photo jungle_book_1_web_zpsfyoyzsvk.jpg

The Smock

Sunday, 25 September 2016 08:57 pm
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It's funny - I used to be really annoyed with the whole Snape-and-Lily thing. I still feel that the whole 'ugly, unpopular boy loses pretty, popular girl to handsome, popular boy who is of course his arch enemy' plot is a big old cliché. But I think that, x years later, I get the dynamic between Severus and Lily better. I don't think Lily was the friend that Severus thought her to be, and I don't buy JKR's comment that 'she could have been interested in him romantically if he hadn't been into Dark Arts'. I think Lily and Severus got on like a house on fire *before Hogwarts*. They clung to each other because they were the only magical children around. For Severus, Lily remains 'the One and Only', but Lily's focus is much less narrow.

That said, I'm having fun imagining them together as children, also because I think Lily must have seen a Severus that nobody else ever saw.

The Smock photo blouse_zpsvu7exzax.jpg

(This is from the notebook I keep for the Snapefic of Doom.)
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Oooh, what an exciting time to be back in fandom! Having signed up for [community profile] hoggywartyxmas, I saw that [community profile] snapecase is making a return too! Squee! I wish the sign-ups were open already! *dances*

Snape Showcase
[info]snapecase: Celebrating Severus Snape throughout his ages!

Meanwhile, have a piccy. As you can see, no pencils were harmed in the making of this, because it was drawn directly with ballpoint pen in my notebook, hence the wonky chair. I hope to post some stuff from art school to show how I have been getting on - you'll see we haven't been doing perspective yet ;).

 photo founders_texture_zpslehd31bu.jpg

This is where I am with my imagining Snape's life after the Battle of Hogwarts. He has spent 20 years visiting all known (and some unknown) wizarding schools and has been studying magic intensively. Now he is ready to carry out his masterplan of founding a wizarding university. Desmond Avery has been using his network to raise funds, and Brynhild has been concentrating on drawing up the statutes and looking into the legal and organisational side of things.
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Yes, I still exist! And I'm back!

There is good news and bad. The good news is, I have come carrying sketches. The bad news is, they are fan art. Or maybe that is good news to some?

Here is what happened: I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition that was on show in Brussels this summer, and - well, I'm in full-steam Potterhead mode again :/. I want to draw Snape! (Okay, basically I never stopped drawing Snape, he's just too much fun - but still! I want to draw more Snape!) I even want to write Snape again! I am seriously thinking of picking up my Epic Snapefic of Doom again.

I'm just over halfway in Prisoner of Azkaban, because yes, I need a serious canon refresh if I'm to write HP fic once more. I'm pleasantly surprised by how entertaining I find the books again; I do hope it lasts all the way until the end... My disappointment with Deathly Hallows was fairly monumental. But there are indications that I may have matured in my fandom: I am even getting to terms with Snape not being a Yorkshireman :P.

Anyway, for those who want to know what my Snape looks like these days: have a few outtakes from my sketchbook. First some old stuff...

This is the first elaborate Snape picture I have drawn in a while:

 photo snape_tea_blossoms_web_zpsllfbq3zx.jpg

This was well before my reading Cursed Child. I don't know, I just had to draw Snape with a cup of tea and cherry blossoms... Below are a few studies I did for the same picture. There is more, and recent stuff too! )

In other news, I passed my exam a few months ago, and I'm back at art school for my third year. It looks like it's going to be ... intense? I'm getting to continue work on my comic, so there will be more of that soon :).

Season's Greetings!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 09:17 pm
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Have a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you celebrate around this time of the year!

 photo christmas_card_2015_s_zps1jk5fnzb.jpg

The cards will be ... late :P. I have only just collected them from the printer's this afternoon. As you can see, the drawing got away from me a bit, and too late I remembered why I usually do a simple design for Christmas. Oh and to make matters worse, my computer had another bout of Windows 10 Sickness - it's only because a wonderful colleague let me scan the picture at his home during a lunch break that I got it to the printer in time to get the prints before their holiday closure! True, if I had finished the picture earlier, none of this would have happened, but - you know me. They will be New Year cards this time round...

Thank you for being so kind and wonderful and patient with me. Your support makes me happier than you can possibly know. *hugs*
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Well, hello: here I am again with no new page. I am deeply sorry about this, and I have no excuse.

It's not even that I'm stuck. I know what I want to tell next and how. I was hoping to go on a short hiatus after finishing the current storyline with Arthur - to take a break during which I could prepare the joining of Gawain's storyline with Arthur's. But working without a buffer for months is proving too problematic, and I feel I had better take the break right now.

If I once more show up without a page this evening, it's because I was sleep-deprived last week and had no energy to draw. That is not good. So what I'm going to try to do this week is to get myself to bed on time in order to be able to draw in the evenings. I want to build up a new buffer in December, then in January I can start posting again, and hopefully there will be no more holes in the posting schedule when small things throw my planning awry.

I promised my illustration teacher I'd have 14 pages of 'new old' comic ready for the evaluation in January, and I have 6 so far, so I have my work cut out for me there as well. But when I have those 14, I can start posting them on, which is something.

Oh and CHRISTMAS CARDS. Should you like one, then send me your address by e-mail (severelysigune at yahoo dot co dot uk or gawaincomic at gmail dot com), or through Facebook or Tumblr if you follow me there. The cards will be printed, so don't be shy, I'll be very glad to send you one if you want, and I print 30 or 40 anyway.

If you don't want a card from a person who doesn't even manage to post a page of her comic each week as promised, I don't blame you, but you could also think of it as some sort of small consolation :p.

There. I'll keep you posted on my progress, and now I'm going to bed because my plan is starting off badly already.
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Gawain Project banner

Ha! this is nice, isn't it. Last week I was actually on time, but technology failed me and my page didn't get uploaded. This week, everything is in working order, but I failed to finish my page on time. I really shouldn't have made wild boar sauce (4 hours until it was ready, and I did not even hunt the boar myself!) when I had a page to finish.

I have been out of sorts. Last Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, Sleep No More, was the first episode I have seen that I thought actually bad. I mean, I have seen some so-so episodes; it's not a perfect series by far. But a really bad episode - that's a first. I'm a bit shocked.

Anyway, better late than never: page 186.


Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone. Having, in one swoop, freed several British slaves as well as the Irish warrior Morholt, Arthur and his men now try to make it home before they get caught by a Saxon patrol. But they haven't got far when they run into King Pellinore of the Jutes. Pellinore, fascinated by the fact that Arthur has succeeded in pulling the sword from the stone where everyone else has failed, proposes a deal. He will support Arthur's claim to the High King's crown and put an army at his disposal. In return, he asks that Arthur give him and his people land. Arthur asks his Jutish and Irish allies to swear an oath. Meanwhile, Cai and Arthur's parents are worried sick, and begin to notice some funny business in their own house...

 photo bamps_186s_zpsdbqpcnoj.jpg

Concrit is still and always welcome :).

New page next Sunday! (or so we hope)

Part I: The Darkest Hour )
Part II: Sunrise )


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