Monday, 16 November 2015

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Ha! this is nice, isn't it. Last week I was actually on time, but technology failed me and my page didn't get uploaded. This week, everything is in working order, but I failed to finish my page on time. I really shouldn't have made wild boar sauce (4 hours until it was ready, and I did not even hunt the boar myself!) when I had a page to finish.

I have been out of sorts. Last Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, Sleep No More, was the first episode I have seen that I thought actually bad. I mean, I have seen some so-so episodes; it's not a perfect series by far. But a really bad episode - that's a first. I'm a bit shocked.

Anyway, better late than never: page 186.


Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone. Having, in one swoop, freed several British slaves as well as the Irish warrior Morholt, Arthur and his men now try to make it home before they get caught by a Saxon patrol. But they haven't got far when they run into King Pellinore of the Jutes. Pellinore, fascinated by the fact that Arthur has succeeded in pulling the sword from the stone where everyone else has failed, proposes a deal. He will support Arthur's claim to the High King's crown and put an army at his disposal. In return, he asks that Arthur give him and his people land. Arthur asks his Jutish and Irish allies to swear an oath. Meanwhile, Cai and Arthur's parents are worried sick, and begin to notice some funny business in their own house...

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Concrit is still and always welcome :).

New page next Sunday! (or so we hope)

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