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I have come to the conclusion that I need, um, a Prologue before my Prologue. I suppose that means that the Prologue will no longer be the Prologue, and that the next part I draw will be, um, the real Prologue. You see, I started Gawain's story in the right place, but - there is an overarching story that springs from what happened to Gawain's grandmother, Ygraine. I thought I could keep it until later and bring it up at some future covenient point, but I no longer think so.

In other words, I'll be working on Ygraine's tale for the next few weeks. It's still at the development stage right now, but I expect to start drawing soon. This week's concept sketches for some of the cast are under the cut...

Character sketches )

Art: Severus (G)

Sunday, 1 June 2008 04:02 pm
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I've made a new tag for "train art" :-). I only ever seem to get pictures done on the train these days... It's very quiet on the art front. The problem is that I have a few ideas for more complicated pictures, but I don't seem to get them right when I sit down and try to sketch. So here is a very simple Snape portrait that I made in the meantime.


My train pictures are always in pencils. The train really shakes too much for me to be able to ink, and though I have entertained the idea of taking my watercolours with me (I have one of these tiny travelling kits), I dismissed the idea because it still takes a whole set-up with water bowls and tissues and something to protect the surface on which I am working. That, and there is the same shaking problem, of course. So, pencils.

Pencils can really get you lovely results on their own, so there is no reason to think that they should only be used for sketching the basis of pictures that will get another finishing. But personally I am not quite happy with the results I tend to get. With pencils, as with most other media, I just lack technique. I need to exercise and learn. One thing I have had to admit to myself while doing the Snape picture below is that for pencils, I am really better off with paper that is a bit grainier than the very smooth stuff I usually prefer. Smoothness is great for my inks, but for pencils? Naw.

Anyway: here is what I drew last Friday: Severus )
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Sometimes the office printer spits out blank pages instead of the text it is supposed to print for me. Whenever that happens, I get a smile on my face, because I already know what purpose that paper is going to serve :).

I drew this picture of Morpheus from Neil Gaiman's Sandman on the train (- you can tell by the extremely wonky calligraphy on the right :P), on extra smooth printer paper.

Morpheus )


Wednesday, 2 April 2008 10:29 pm
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A century or something ago I posted this meme in which people could ask me to blog about something I don't usually blog about.

Now, as my new job has disastrous consequences on my leisure time and I don't get round to checking my private e-mail anymore, my journaling activities are at an all time low. But that doesn't mean I don't try to keep in the loop, and I do attempt to do something with all those hours I spend on the train. As I have no means to be on the Net while on the move, the best thing I can think of is to draw. The circumstances are not ideal, but I do manage more or less. In any case: the next entry in the meme blogging series is a picture, drawn on the train.

[ profile] ellecain asked, "What d'you think would happen if Oscar Wilde and Severus Snape met accidentally on the street?"

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