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My entry for the Pure-Blood Prince Fest at [ profile] e_prince_snape, and cross-posted there...

Title: November
Author/Artist: [ profile] sigune
Rating: G
Pairing(s)/character(s): Eileen Prince (& Tobias Snape)
Challenge: Pure-blood Prince fest. My prompt was #63, "photograph".
Summary: In November 1959, Tobias Snape gets it into his head to take a photograph of his wife.
Warnings: none whatsoever.
Notes: I signed up for art, but ended up writing a 100-word drabble alongside it :).


When he entered the house whistling, Eileen groaned. He had fixed the thing, as he had said he would. She knew there was no escape now.

“Go on, into the light with you!” Tobias ordered, triumphantly waving the old camera at her.

“Sentimental nonsense,” Eileen muttered; but she hoisted herself out of her chair, and pulled on a coat and hat against the crisp November cold.

Once outside, watching her husband fidget with the camera, she could not stop a faint smile of amusement from curling her mouth. Very well, then. But she refused to look at the stupid birdie.

Our Eileen, November 1959. )
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Below the cut is my latest exploit in watercolour pencil: a portrait of Eileen Prince. You know what that means, don't you? I'm trying to work out her character because she is to appear in a story soon :-). The WIP of Doom is back to the forefront of my writing thoughts - must be because I'm working on RL writing as well. It seems that as far as writing is concerned, fiction and non-fiction always present themselves to me at the same moment, which is actually a little annoying in terms of time management.

Anyway: Eileen. (Concrit is welcome.)

A Scarlet Ribbon )

Art Rec

Tuesday, 27 June 2006 04:53 pm
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There is a first time for everything; in this case, I am offering my very first art rec. Since I discovered her work at SH Illusions, I have been an ardent admirer of chicxulub (who, I have just discovered, also goes by the name of [ profile] iron___bridge). I have traced her to deviantART, where all her gorgeous pictures can be found together in one album - mmmmm... I find that there is one painting in particular to which I keep returning, trying to find out what it is that draws me to it, and that is the one I want to rec to you:


G, no warnings; it is Eileen Snape in Spinner's End.

Pictures like those make me want to take up watercolour... (Actually I bought myself a box of them yesterday, fully intending to set to work once RL allows me to.) The effects are lovely and the colours great. I also love how the artist combines the paint with beautiful, clear line work.

There is something deceptively simple about this picture, probably because its complexities are so subtly done. The composition is brilliant, with Eileen in the margin and yet eye-catching because of the bright green of her dress and bright orange of the watering can. The idea of portraying her with that can, cultivating small bits of green in brick surroundings, is just great. She is not dominated by her environment, even if the dirty cloud from the mill's chimney looks ominous and threatening.

Oh, it's just marvellous. Go and see for yourselves.

Half-Blood Prince Fest, 3

Wednesday, 3 May 2006 10:17 pm
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This is the last one of three pencil drawings I made for [ profile] snape_the_hbp. Somehow I hold this one very dear. I have grown fond of Eileen Prince, in terms of drawing as well as story-telling; she fascinates me.

Title: Eileen Prince Gave Birth to a Murderer
Author or Artist: [ profile] sigune
Type: Art
Category: Gen
Main characters and/or pairings: Eileen Prince, Severus Snape
Warnings: none
Rating: PG for sarcasm ;)
Summary: Just what it says in the title…
Disclaimers and Notes: Even more tinkering with graphite pencils…

Eileen Prince Gave Birth to a Murderer

New picture...

Sunday, 2 October 2005 11:45 pm
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Two Princes is up at DeviantArt - in colour, this time.

I like Eileen Prince better every day.
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After the publication of a new Potter book, there inevitably comes a point at which the writer of fanfiction sobers up, recovers from her excitement and inspects the damage J. K. Rowling has wreaked on said fan writer’s cherished creations. It is a painful moment that calls for serious decisions and reconsiderations.

So here is my accident report – with pictures…

Accident Report )
Eileen and Severus )


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