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Saturday, 12 May 2012 04:23 pm
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Lokiiiiiiiii! My first attempt at the God of Mischief ;-). I slapped some quick Photoshop colours on my sketch.


- I forgot to post from DW this time around X/. I'm without Internet on my own computer at the moment; my cable is fine and my computer too, but somehow, no ethernet seems to be coming out of that little hole in the wall where my cable is attached :/. And I'm so used to posting at LJ that I just ... well, kind of forgot that I normally post from DW. Ah well. That's fixed now :-).

I'm just hoping I get my 'own' interwebs fixed soon, because life is hard without my favourites and without the possibility to post my images directly from my own computer -_-.
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I haven't gone "all digital, all the time" or anything; I have just been reconnoitering in the Mysterious Land of Photoshop. Two things I have tried on the way are painting without line art and line art without painting :). NATURALLY I am happier about the latter attempt than about the former. I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that, well, lines are love, and that in all other fields I'm even more amateurish. Eh.

OK, introductions:

The painting (which could have looked better, but was certainly fun to do) depicts Shelby Sweet, an OC belonging to Haius, who won my 30,000 kiriban at dA. I was rather happy with the picture when I had just done it - probably because I had seen it grow step by step. In the meantime, I think things are wrong with the proportions of the face and the colouring is too ... bland. Whereas I can mix a good skin tone with watercolour, I am clearly not succeeding with Photoshop. Also - though it is not relevant to this particular picture - it bugs me that I still have no idea how to get that particular kind of smoothness that Japanese-style digital colouring tends to have. Read more... )

Our second guest is Morgana, who helped me discover the new brushes in CS5. I guess I basically started off with the intention of finding out whether or not these new brushes made the idea of doing line art digitally more appealing. The answer to that question is yes - but so far, I still like my pens and brushes more. Still, I might turn out a digital concept sketch now and then.

I guess the thing that bothers me most about working digitally, apart from the brush quality, is that I just don't find it as comfortable as drawing on paper. The simple fact that you can move a sheet any way you like is something I miss. Sure, CS4 and CS5 have a function that allows you to turn your digital sheet, but somehow the effect isn't the same - at least not for me.

Anyway: Morgana )

Next time: non-digital stuff.

Conan Revisited

Friday, 23 July 2010 04:18 pm
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Look at me, suddenly colouring black-and-white portraits digitally! ;)

This one could really do with a bit of colour. Only, at the time of drawing, I really couldn't envisage colouring it - one reason being that it was a gift for [ profile] bettyboop_comic and I was afraid of spoiling the pencils. After the Ambiorix experiment, though, I realised that I might be able to give this some neat colours without ruining the paper original. So that's what I did.

Conan the Barbarian )
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Illustrator classes are almost over. That means I should have mastered the basics by now. The teacher let us take a look at the material covered in the next series of classes, and boy, we have only just scratched the surface -_-. Whether I'll be able to take more classes will depend on ... several factors. I'd love to learn more, though. I see great art on dA that has been created with a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator, but I haven't a clue how to get those kinds of effects, so...

Anyway, we'll see.

The teacher showed me something we haven't done in class yet: how to vectorise a raster image with LiveTrace. It's fun: it allows me to blow up a small drawing and turn it into a fully-fledged illustration. I'm sure it must be possible to do much more with it than I can do just now, but I'm only a beginner. Have a look below :).

Photobucket Photobucket

Lot + Morgana )
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Mmmno, I haven't gone missing or anything. I have just been without Internet for a whole weekend, which serves to explain the lack of updates. That, and I am still pondering how to tackle the next chapter of the comic. It is not easy. Wah.

But I have brought some art - more specifically, I have brought my first Photoshop painting :D. It's a gift for my friend Sien, who was the 3000th viewer of my blog. She requested a picture of King Emrys, a character evoked on page 9 of The Darkest Hour. King Emrys is Uther Pendragon's brother - and as such, King Arthur's uncle.


Bren Emrys )
Photoshop advice is VERY WELCOME.


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