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Helloooooo! *echoes*

I disappeared. Sorry about that. I just had to take a break from the comic to do other stuff - such as finally make that birthday present for my friend who had his birthday in April, and work on a dollie that was still faceless and one that was still naked. And I felt like doing some knitting. Also I reread Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, because I saw the DVD was out and I wanted to reread the book before watching the television series.

Since I will be going back to art school next week, and if my teacher sticks to his conclusion of a few months ago, that will mean I will have to produce an old AND a new page every week, I thought I had to take some time for the other stuff while I still could.

Naked Dollie is still unfinished (I'm working without a pattern! it's terrifying! I need to take breaks to gather my courage!), but Faceless Dollie has a face now. Meet Reinette. She has nothing whatsoever to do with Gawain and co. But I adore her anyway.

Under the cut is the Really Belated Birthday Present. Noutie, should you happen to stumble across this page and not want to be spoiled, then please do not peek below the cut :p.

Henrietta Teaser photo henrietta_teaser_zpspm1fik68.jpg

Henrietta photo henrietta_web_zpsvt4fcqww.jpg

WHAT ON EARTH possessed me to draw an eighteenth-century pinup with elf ears? I have no idea! But it was a fun thing to do. The lady is actually a character from a comic I started drawing while at university. For some reason, I started to think about that story and its characters again a few weeks ago, and I really felt like drawing them again. One of the things I love about the whole thing is the 18th-century clothes... Normally I am not patient enough to draw these in all their ribbon-overloaded detail, but this time I thought I'd go for it. So there.

I am unusually pleased with my watercolour technique in this one. I rarely manage to blend my layers quite so smoothly. I also did my best to add some contrast - probably not enough, but somehow I find this really difficult XD.

So if all goes well, I should be back with new pages in September. I. e. next week. Better get cracking...

Date: Monday, 31 August 2015 06:56 am (UTC)
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Yay new pages!


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