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Thursday, 26 May 2011 04:55 pm
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I really don't have the slightest sense of when to post what, or of how to promote my stuff. From what I gathered from a recent discussion on [ profile] schemingreader's journal, there are good days and bad days for posting, and the worst thing you can do, if you want your stuff to be read, is to post during the weekend.

Why do I post on Saturdays? Because 1) I draw on weekdays, during my train journeys; and because 2) on Saturdays I have the time to scan my images and compose my posts. BUT if Saturdays are really inconvenient, then maybe I have to figure out a way to post on a weekday.

[ profile] schemingreader's question was about fanfic, specifically, but I guess reading webcomics is not dissimilar to that. So what do you think? Does it make a difference for you if the comic posts on weekdays? Or have you got used to Saturday updates and think it's too late to change?

Please let me know your practice/opinion/preference :-).

[Poll #1745431]

Thank you!
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Last year I got myself a domain for my (as yet only draft-y) Gawain comic and with the help of [ profile] sandblind I installed Wordpress on it. But a year later, I have still got no further. And I'm actually thinking of giving up on the whole website thing.

You see, I really can't work with it. I can't make the site look nice. I don't know how to make a back-up. If the thing breaks down, I haven't a clue what to do. I just don't know squat about websites, how to build them and how to run them. Even the most basic changes to the theme are beyond me.

When I set up the site last year, I thought I would be able to teach myself how to run it. But it turns out I'm not. The explanations on the Wordpress support site are gibberish to me. I enquired about studying IT basics, but there's no "How Do I Run My Website" class (obviously), so I'd be on the go for some three years of rather intensive studies.

Professional support is not an option. Web design is too expensive (I enquired, but I'm really not willing to pay more than a month's wages for a site that is purely a hobby project and is never going to earn me a cent) - plus, paying someone to set up a design still won't be enable me to make a back-up -_-.



- Sorry, I had to vent.

So I'm thinking of abandoning the website altogether. I mean, seriously, it's like having a car but not being able to drive. It's ridiculous!

Okay, I can post stuff on the site as it is. Only, the site looks ugly. And the comic pages are too small. And I can't do anything about it. I've been looking into setting up an account on Webcomics Nation, because that looks mildly more manageable (whoah! I can change font colours! and upload a banner!).

So here's a poll for you. Please let me know what you think. Oh, and should you happen to know anyone who designs websites for fun (i.e. for free) and feels like tackling a webcomic, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can find them... I'll draw pictures for them in return for their help :p...

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The Sword of Kings has NO cliffhangers. It's so short that it is its own cliffhanger. [ profile] todayiamadaisy and Cabepfir have pointed out the difficulty of judging this short comic when it is being posted in ittie bitties. So I have been wondering whether it would be better to post the rest of the story in one go instead of two.

What do you think would be best?

[Poll #1618672]

Thanks! :D
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I was away from LJ for a while, due to work-related RL horrors (well, nothing seriously horror-y, it was just me stressing out), and I have some catching up to do - including answering some 50 comments to my "Knave of Spades" post. Life should be a bit more quiet for a while, and I'll do my best to reply :-).

In the meantime I have a poll for you. I guess - well, I have set up a blog for my original work over at Blogspot (it's here, and it has one viewer, if a very dear one *g*), and I am trying to make out how I am going to develop it, and whether I will double-post. So far there is nothing there that hasn't appeared here first, but I might change that. The poll is just to gauge your interests and satisfy my curiosity, not about how I can increase my readership or something ;-). So if you feel like ticky boxes...

[Poll #1088754]

Thanks! :D

Character Poll...

Friday, 24 August 2007 04:29 pm
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At Sectus last July, [ profile] _vocalion_ asked me to consider writing a tutorial about individualising characters (if I didn't understand that right, please do correct me, K!). I'm not sure how to go about that, and I certainly don't have time for it at the moment, but I am mulling the idea over in my head.

So - I'm not promising I'm definitely going to do something with this - but the possibility exists *g*. Now, I was thinking that since the tutorial would supposedly be about the development of a character's facial features and such, it would be fun to do, perhaps, a (few) character(s) I'd never done before, and I was wondering whether you had any suggestions. It will have to be a character I know, but we'll worry about that later; also, for obvious reasons I'd ask you not to pick someone from a comic :P.

[Poll #1044495]

Feel free to specify or otherwise elaborate in a comment :-).

ETA: Okayyy... I should be capable of drawing people who sprouted from other brains than Rowling's, you know... And I, sort of, really don't object to those. Srsly XD.

Journal poll

Wednesday, 15 August 2007 10:38 pm
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Dear All,

I've not checked LJ for a day and a half, and suddenly all around people have decided to run collectively to IJ - like, the only place where I haven't got an account because I object to the "insane" stuff and the stupid faces that take the place of the user and comm graphics.

For myself I have decided not to move my LJ entries to GJ or anywhere else; they are here, and here they stay. But I don't mind double-posting to GJ from now on, so I have installed Semagic to that end.

LJ will remain my main, er, base of operations ;-). Fandom is a part of my life, but it's far from all, and one of the things I like about this journal is that here I can mix Potter stuff with other aspects of, well, me. I have made friends here and joined communities that are not all about Harry, or even Snape :P. That is why I have a double feeling about moving somewhere else just to follow fandom. If everybody really does go to IJ, I suppose I might consider setting up a fandom-only account there; but to be honest, I don't think I will be able to keep up with three accounts and above all three flists.

I have set up this poll in order to get a clearer view of what you are planning - because I want to know where I have to look for you :D. So - please do take the poll, it has lovely buttons, and it will put my mind at rest *g*...

[Poll #1039778]

Thank you!


Wednesday, 24 January 2007 03:25 pm
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[ profile] pennswoods left me a comment at Artistic Alley in which she suggested that I write an art tutorial sometime. Now, I'm not sure I should be tutoring anyone about anything art-related, seeing as my methods aren't really based on any expert knowledge or skill; but if some of you think I could be of any help somehow, I could give the idea some thought. Hence, a poll! ;)

[Poll #913093]
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I said previously that I'd start taking commissions in November. Well, November is drawing closer, and I'm still not sure about how to arrange payment. I have never bought fanart, and the only piece I have sold I delivered personally in Vegas, but I obviously can't do that all the time :D. I have no experience at all with the whole thing, but I know that some of you do. Please help me out by taking the poll, commenting and letting me share in your wisdom!

[Poll #851225]

Thank you! :)
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I am celebrating a sad sort of fandom anniversary this month. It is one entire year ago that my last fic, Monkey Business, made its début at Mugglenet. Since then, I have written three miserable drabbles, one of which I never even took the trouble to post. I started to think about my lack of fic-production because last week, Potioncat, my earliest friend in HP fandom, gently nudged me and let me know she would like me to write more. She has a point. There has been a year of silence. Well, of course there is the [ profile] pr_snape saga that I started in January and which is now drawing to a close, but that has some ten readers if I’m lucky (mind you, they’re great readers and I love them :D!); and I did write and present a paper at Lumos.

The thing is, when I looked at my fandom participation of the past ficless year, I realised that I have been way more active on the arts front instead. I have drawn some ten pages of the comic; I have enlarged my character repertoire with Eileen Prince, Luna Lovegood, Pansy and Narcissa; I drew three pictures for [ profile] snape_the_hbp’s Fest (Troubled Sleep, A Desperate Mother and a breast-feeding Eileen Prince); I have completed my first commission; I drew my very first picture with pen and ink, Sleeping Ugly; and most recently I completed my submission for [ profile] kinda_lush, This Book…. I am not counting my first dA kiriban (for which I had to learn how to draw cats), my showdown picture and [ profile] todayiamadaisy’s cat, (attempt at) Japanese style.

I’m not sure I have an explanation for this shift from writing towards art. I have come across several plot bunnies on my way, but they have all been channelled into the direction of that WIP of Doom that I keep going on about but of which nobody except [ profile] todayiamadaisy and [ profile] _vocalion_ has ever seen more than a shred. It’s strange for me to think that when I turn to fic again, I’ll be writing one long thing instead of short stories, but it looks as if that is exactly what’s going to happen. For some reason, HBP has given me inspiration that drives me back to the characters’ past, not the present of Book Six or the future land of Seven…

One impression I have – but I may be wrong – is that the shift from writing to art largely coincides with my existence in LJ land. I don’t know – I have the feeling my drawings are more appreciated here than my fics; most people have friended me for my pictures, I think. But then again, that may be because I post my stories in archives rather than directly in my journal…?

So, um, because I have been thinking about this, and also because I like making polls, I’ve drawn up a poll that should help me assess what sort of things people like, and like to see me do more.

Take the poll... )
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[ profile] sugarplumkitten asked me about commissions today, and I thought I'd post another poll to find out a bit more about the expectations of those people who are considering ordering a picture with me.

My previous poll brought to light that 9 readers of my journal are definitely interested in commissioning a picture; on top of that, 8 more are interested if the prices are reasonable :D.

Now, as you well know, my artwork (doesn't that sound ponderous and self-important?) is not digital; it's invariably done the old-fashioned way with pens, pencils, paint, markers and whatever on paper or cardboard. That means that when a drawing changes hands, it is forever gone from me. I am not sure how understandable this is in view of the relatively limited artistic value of my scribbles (they're not Picassos, right?), but to me, definitively handing over something that I have created with love and patience is not an easy thing. I can do it, when I know from the start that I am working for someone else; but it is obvious to me that an original is going to be sold at a higher price than a print or scan of which the original stays with me.

In view of the concerns about price, then, I would like to hear from you what kind of an image you would expect; if different options get checked, I will consider them and make different prices.

Secondly, I would also like to hear what attitude you take towards commissioned art at all - what kind of freedom or limits you would set to the person who does a drawing for you.

Please help me out and take the poll! Advice, concerns, comments are very welcome :).

[Poll #785586]

Commissions: a Poll

Tuesday, 20 June 2006 12:28 pm
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I suppose I am so proud of myself because I finally finished my very first commission that I have started to think about offering to do more. These days I am far too busy, but within a few months I will be without a job and without an income (hopefully not for long, gah), and I will have time to work on order. There are a few things to figure out, though, like subjects (fandom only or not?), prices and shipping and stuff; but before I even start to think about those, I would like to know whether there would be any interest at all... So please take the poll!

[Poll #751976]

Thank you! :)


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