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It's been a while since I posted any paper bags! That's partly because I haven't produced any lately due to - well, circumstances beyond my control. But I did want to post a few sketches of King Lot that have been lying around here for a while. Because I like King Lot. He's almost as bad as Uther Pendragon, I guess, but I think that he has more charm, in his own way ;-).

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When I draw Snape these days, he always seems lost in thought...

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Yesterday I accidentally spilt my coffee (not the cappuccino, thank goodness, but stuff from the horrid coffee machine) all over my desk. All the paper bags in my stash have coffee stains... The one I was working on escaped though :-). You can find it below.

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Paper bags. Lots of paper bags :-). That's mostly because I have been saving a few of them up. I have a Snapey bag (just one, alas) for tomorrow, but today's batch is Gawain-themed. And has quite a few horses in it.

Horses are really important in a comic about knights. If the horses look bad, the knights look bad too. Unfortunately the critters aren't really easy to draw, and when you have to place human beings on their backs, it gets even worse. Or so I think. Moreover, Gawain's horse is special. It's famous. I know only two Arthurian horses by name: Arthur's mare Llamrei and Gawain's stallion Gringalet. The funny name is a French version of the Welsh Keincaled. In any case, Gawain's horse is quite consistently named; it's almost a character in its own right. So I'm working hard at getting it to look good. I still have a way to go, but for the first time I'm thinking that I may actually get there in the end :-).

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