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Below is the second picture for [ profile] seaislewitch’s trilogy Romance, Slytherin Style (read it at [ profile] romance_slythrn).

Featuring Pansy and Draco; utterly G.

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[ profile] seaislewitch commissioned this picture from me for her trilogy Romance, Slytherin Style which you can read at [ profile] romance_slythrn. And look, it's my first ever Draco! :)

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Art: Pink Pansy

Tuesday, 21 November 2006 01:03 am
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Last Saturday I was in my favourite shop for artists' materials to buy a new diary, when I came across a set of watercolour pencils. That is, I came across lots of sets of watercolour pencils, but one was much cheaper than all the rest and I couldn't resist buying it, even though I felt slightly ashamed :D.

You may (or may not) remember that a while ago I posted a small sketch of a snooty-looking Pansy Parkinson that I declared I would turn into a finished picture sooner or later. Now, the dress she is wearing had to look light and slightly transparent; I had pink and frilly on my mind. There was no way I could achieve the desired effect with inks or even pencil - it's possible that real artists who know their media can, but unfortunately I'm not one of those. My idea was to use watercolour, and I bought a nice, good quality watercolour set a while ago, but I haven't dared to use it before taking some kind of classes. The pencils, however, are cheap enough for me to muck about with them without feeling like I am wasting good materials on amateurish enterprises ;P. So I decided to give Pansy a try with watercolour pencils - I have to confess that one of the set's irresistible charms is its pinks.

Basically I bought the set for this one picture that I have had in mind for so long -_-.

Well, that's the start, at least :-).

So here it is. People who know something about watercolour pencils will no doubt find a lot to criticise, but personally I think it could have turned out worse... I'm struggling with understanding colour, but it's a fun struggle.

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Yesterday as I was working on page 14 of the comic I suddenly felt the urge to prove to myself that I can still draw pretty women. I used to draw nothing else, but since the whole Snape thing started I have been drawing plenty of ugly men instead. Before I knew it, I ended up with Narcissa Malfoy, and added Pansy Parkinson for good measure.

It has taken me some time to realise that one of the greatest gifts HBP brought me by way of story is the character of Narcissa Malfoy. I can’t help it: I like her, and I find her relation with Snape intriguing. Ever since Septimia De Quincey disappeared from the Snape backstory, she took her young husband Rabastan with her, and I needed someone else to fulfil his part in my WIP Art of Darkness. Well, here she is: Narcissa Malfoy.

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It is really funny how closely drawing and storytelling are connected for me; I experienced it again while doing this portrait of Narcissa. I found I really got to know her, just thinking about her looks and the way she wears her hair and such; things about her person that were hazy suddenly started to take a solid form. She has become interesting to me both story- and picturewise – maybe there is a one-shot here somewhere, and I should like to picture her alongside Snape as well. – Actually I do have a picture of Narcissa and Snape, based on “Spinner’s End”, but it’s for the Snape the HBP fest and so I can’t post it yet.
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