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The reveals are up at [ profile] hp_beholder, so I can post my contribution here - not that anyone who had ever seen any of my pictures could have any doubt about who drew [ profile] musamihi's gift... :P

As anybody here will know, I'm really not a shipper, and if I am to ship Snape with anyone at all, it will be with my OFC Brynhild - I don't find anyone in canon a likely partner for Snape. Okay, I do think he secretly has a crush on Narcissa Malfoy, but that's another can of worms.

In any case, for some reason I seem to do some of my best fanart when I draw Snape and McGonagall together. I'm rarely very happy with my own pictures, let alone very happy with them for long, but Unspoken takes its place next to Her Glasses on my very short list of Sigune Art I Can Still Bear To Look At And Even Be Rather Proud Of.

[ profile] cabepfir betaed this for me, because for anything more than a face or a single character standing up, I need advice and help -_-. Thanks again, Cecilia! *hugs*


Unspoken )

The reveals have also revealed (sorry) that the Mystery Author of my gift fic, Black Knight Moves Forward is [ profile] therealsnape :D. Thank you so much, TRS!
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My [ profile] hp_beholder gift has posted! Because of an IJ outage, it got a bit lost between the folds, and that's a shame.

A Mystery Author wrote Black Knight Moves Forward (PG-13), a story set during the summer preceding Philosopher's Stone. Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall get to know each other better as they work on the defenses for the Philosopher's Stone. Initially, they don't fancy being stuck at school when they could be enjoying the sun in the south of France, but ... well, they're Snape and McGonagall, so the company could be worse :-).

Black Knight Moves Forward has everything you can want from a story on a pleasant summer's day (what can I say? we're having divine weather at the moment): Snape, McGonagall, humour, misunderstandings, fantastic beasts, Slytherin versus Gryffindor, adventure and friendship(+). Enjoy!
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Commission for [ profile] the_winterwitch, featuring Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall and a Derby cane. And guess what: it's utterly and entirely worksafe! :P


A Walk in the Woods )
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Lookie lookie! It's Snape art! :D

I haven't posted any Snape art for a while. I haven't written any Snape for even longer. That's what happens when you have an ongoing original project, I guess... But these last months (I'm afraid I do keep people waiting ;^_^) I have received three Snape commissions at once, so the ex-Potions Master, ex-Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, ex-Headmaster has been on my mind quite a bit. And then I haven't even mentioned the prospect of the Big Bang next January! I have started brainstorming about that too.

One thing I have noticed while working on my commissions is that drawing Snape is still tremendous fun. There is nothing quite like that hooknose and those black robes... :P


I have also realised that Deathly Hallows hasn't really changed 'my' Snape. The character I draw is the same sarcastic, tenacious and rather ruthless git I used to write before the seventh book ruined it for me. The only - rather worrying - difference is that these days, I seem to be making him more handsome (see sketchie above) than he is supposed to be. And I'm not doing it on purpose! That's just painful. He's ugly, dammit!

Ah well. In any case: have some Snape.

her glasses - teaser

Her Glasses )

Beholder reveals...

Monday, 12 May 2008 10:42 pm
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The reveals for [ profile] hp_beholder are posted!

My gift story, Driving Mrs Weasley, was written by [ profile] miramiraficfic. It's a tender, astutely observant story about my favourite canon couple, Mr and Mrs Weasley :).

My own gift was for [ profile] tripperfunster. As soon as I saw the names of Dumbledore and McGonagall on her wish list, I was struck with this one idea that I could not get out of my head. It's ... silly. And het. But I hope she enjoyed it nevertheless :P.

Title: A Patented Daydream

Rating: G
Pairings: MM/AD
Media: inks, watercolour, gold Hybrid roller
Warnings: Crack. Oh, and bondage, but I'm just saying that to attract viewers. See rating.
Summary: Some loves are impossible, but dreaming about them is not. Minerva McGonagall tests a Weasley product.
Artist's Notes:This picture was betaed by [ profile] protowilson, [ profile] sydpad, and Cabepfir. *BIG HUGS* to them for helping me out - those comments were immensely useful. Anything that still looks odd is entirely due to my ineptitudes. No one but myself is responsible for the colours - or for the idea :P.


A Patented Daydream )


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