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[ profile] a_t_rain wrote, in a comment to my previous entry (this one), that “it's funny how so many first-time OC writers DO make a beeline for all the things Thou Shalt Not Do without even knowing what those things are.”
She raises what I think is a very interesting point. I gave some thought to it, and this is how I think it went with me and Bromelia/Brynhild – but by all means post your own experiences, I’m very curious to hear about them!

I think (but this is a very personal supposition) that many fanfic authors wander into the world of fan fiction because they have a soft spot for a specific (set of) character(s). They fantasise about said character(s), and somehow it seems appealing to create one all of your own to interact with them – it is your own, not-so-very-secret infiltration in a universe you like. It is very appealing to use all kinds of special powers/devices/backgrounds (preferably all at once) specific to the universe you have made your playground. These are the things that drew the author there in the first place. But the dangerous part is the one where they become so wrapped up in the game that they lose perspective and don’t notice that their new character is an irritating, quaint distortion that thrusts itself unbidden upon the poor, unsuspecting canon characters. If canon doesn’t mention your OC (and it never does), that means they can’t be very important to the main plot or, for that matter, to those characters you have been so eager to align them with. Consequently, it is unlikely they will beat Harry at Quidditch, outsmart Dumbledore, improve on Snape’s potions, unite the Hogwarts houses and/or defeat Voldemort.
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Original Female Characters are probably the most reviled beings to dwell in the fanfictional Potterverse. Many readers hit the back button when they see one listed among a story’s cast. Is this prejudice justified? I don’t think so. Let’s be honest: a bad writer probably won’t get a character right, no matter if it’s canon or not, and decent writers are likely to create good original characters, even female ones. OFC does not automatically signify Mary Sue, and even an OFC with a few Sue characteristics does not a bad story make. Better still: give someone like Grainne a random real Sue and she will craft something brilliant with the little monster!

Still, nobody said it was easy, and I for one couldn’t pull it off.

[ profile] _grainne_ and [ profile] lunafish were foolish enough to express interest in my OFC Brynhild and how she evolved from her forebear Bromelia “Sue” Bromley, whose acquaintance you could make in Uncommon Flower, the delicious tale Grainne span for me on the occasion of the S.N.A.P.E. contest. (If you missed it, you can find it here.) Because I somehow like all my creations – even Bromelia – for no better reason than that they are the fruits of my imagination, I wasted no time and delved into my vast archives (*ahem*) to retrieve old Bromley material. I display it here for your pleasure and delectation – I hope :-). You are kindly invited to have a good laugh at my Sue antics…

Contains many sketches, demented plot bunnies and a fragment of a story…

1. The Birth of Venus – er, no – Bromelia

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2. The New Bromelia: Brynhild

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Oh – and here is a Sigune doll to prove that the one thing you can’t accuse me of is that I made either Bromelia or Brynhild a kind of improved likeness of myself. Not that this is an accurate portrait, but you get the idea ;-)…

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Here is the story I won in [ profile] _vocalion_'s ArtPad contest. Grainne wrote a Sue of my making into Chapter Two of HBP, and the result is as delicious as chocolate with hazelnuts. Enjoy!

An Uncommon Flower:
“Spinner’s End” Revised


Dedicated to Sigune, who kindly lends her to well-established talents to the ephemeral world of ArtPad.



The Bromleys officially belong to Sigune (although I’m not sure if she’ll want Bromelia back); all other major characters in the story belong to JKR. The beginning of the second section, up until Bromelia’s arrival, is transcribed almost directly from the canon (I have changed the verb tenses and inserted some of Snape’s thoughts). Everything else is my own damn fault, including my poor imitation of Sigune’s sly humour and gorgeous writing style. I have inserted a few references to the words and works of a certain notorious wit, so in the event that the story fails to amuse, one can at least have fun finding where the Wilde things are.

Sue/Story Summary:

Bromelia Bromley has a spirit as irrepressible as her frizzy hair, a wardrobe any streetwalker would die for, amazing wandless powers, a head for Legilimency, and a penchant for fine Italian boots. What is this perennially perky and dreadfully determined anti-heroine doing in a grotty place like Spinner’s End? And, more importantly, will she be at all welcome on an evening when that street’s most enigmatic resident is already entertaining some unexpected female company? This is the tale of what happens when one Sue rushes in where most fan authors (rightly) fear to tread—Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Two.

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