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Last one for today, I promise :). On my Tumblr account, I offered to do prompts for Inktober, and here is the first, for [personal profile] cabepfir. She requested a character from Oscar Wilde. I came up with one she probably wouldn't have imagined, but there you go.

You don't really read Wilde for his characters, do you. Most of the time they are vehicles for particular ideas; they aren't really people of flesh and blood. Arguably the most complex of Wilde's characters is Herod in Salomé. Hence: my favourite.

 photo 2016_day15_web_zpsxojvdxed.jpg

I rather think he steals Herodias's eyeliner.

It bugs me that in the Richard Strauss opera, Herod is turned into a comical character. He isn't comical. If you make him comical, you haven't understood him. No really. You leave my Herod alone.

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I drew this Morgause with little Mordred on Day 5, but was really unhappy with her.

 photo 2016_day5_web_zps0wbnjazl.jpg

I don't know what it is - Morgause is just difficult? :/

Fortunately on Day 12 I managed a really cute young Gawain. I felt a bit foolish for wanting to draw him playing the flute, because it's tricky to get the hands right - I needed reference for that. But I'm really pleased with the result.

 photo 2016_day12_web_zpsjchmwsqe.jpg

Finally, because my Morgause picture convinced me that I'm useless at drawing women, I attempted a Morgana on Day 14. Morgana nearly always works for me, which is just great. I love Morgana :).

 photo 2016_day14_web_zpszsbrkf7n.jpg
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Well here are some Snapes (+ one Brynhild) that I drew for Inktober. Those are days 9, 11 and 13.

 photo 2016_day9_web_zpsaegmbzwv.jpg

 photo 2016_day11_web_zpso58izyj5.jpg

 photo 2016_day13_zpsa8zhorzt.jpg

...They're not as nice as Day 4, but I'm not finding it easy to come up with something good every day XD. Little Snape portraits are my drawing equivalent of comfort food, so as I try to keep up with Inktober, now and then I take recourse to these simple things.
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FIRST! I've received really nice and thoughtful comments to my pictures, and I haven't got round to answering them yet. But I will! I'll reply as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay!

Second: Inktober continues.

I'm still keeping up! Yes, it's only day 4, but I don't think I've actually managed 4 Inktober drawings in a row before ;)...

The Day 3 picture was really drawn on 3 October, but I didn't have the time to scan and post it, seeing as I spent all day at work and all night in class. It was drawn in about 10 minutes because I simply didn't have more time but I didn't want to abandon the "one picture a day" thing after only two days :p. Day 4 took about an hour, between 9 and 10 pm, minus the concept which I'd figured out during the day.

Greasy Curtain photo greasy_curtain_web_zpsh3qvrxtd.jpg

I am rather pleased with this one, and not just because it has my beardy post-DH Snape in it ;).

Float photo floating_web_zpsjqqaznbu.jpg
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I spent too much time redrawing Bagheera and Shere Khan today, so I only have two figures on offer :/. Tomorrow I have class, so Day 3 will probably see a quick sketch...

 photo jungle_book_2_web_zpsqceqmutj.jpg

Inktober 2016: day 1

Saturday, 1 October 2016 11:51 pm
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Combining my class assignment with Inktober, because inky (and I'm behind with class work :p). Here are Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera reimagined as humans in a Wild West context. We could choose the context we wanted, and, I dunno, I felt like drawing 19th-century cowboy stuff.

Tomorrow: more Bagheera, and Shere Khan. Maybe Kaa, if I get round to that (it would be over-zealous, 'cause the assignment said 'four characters').

Inktober 2016: day 1 photo jungle_book_1_web_zpsfyoyzsvk.jpg


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