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These were done over the weekend, when it wasn't quite so hot :-). Today I did indeed get my ten degrees less, by the way, so there will be more comic tomorrow.

Anyhow: have some Snape, Dumbledore and Avery. Please excuse the garish colours - they are what happens when I get my hands on markers :/. Clearly I have no talent for working with markers at all. I have very few colours too, which is why Dumbledore is wearing pink and lilac. Hum.

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Beholder reveals...

Monday, 12 May 2008 10:42 pm
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The reveals for [ profile] hp_beholder are posted!

My gift story, Driving Mrs Weasley, was written by [ profile] miramiraficfic. It's a tender, astutely observant story about my favourite canon couple, Mr and Mrs Weasley :).

My own gift was for [ profile] tripperfunster. As soon as I saw the names of Dumbledore and McGonagall on her wish list, I was struck with this one idea that I could not get out of my head. It's ... silly. And het. But I hope she enjoyed it nevertheless :P.

Title: A Patented Daydream

Rating: G
Pairings: MM/AD
Media: inks, watercolour, gold Hybrid roller
Warnings: Crack. Oh, and bondage, but I'm just saying that to attract viewers. See rating.
Summary: Some loves are impossible, but dreaming about them is not. Minerva McGonagall tests a Weasley product.
Artist's Notes:This picture was betaed by [ profile] protowilson, [ profile] sydpad, and Cabepfir. *BIG HUGS* to them for helping me out - those comments were immensely useful. Anything that still looks odd is entirely due to my ineptitudes. No one but myself is responsible for the colours - or for the idea :P.


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First off, this is for [ profile] _grainne_, to thank her for the rose she gave me on Valentine's Day :-).


*smooches [ profile] _grainne_*

As you can see, I still haven't given up on watercolour painting yet, though I don't seem to be able to paint anything decent except small and simple pictures like the one above. Mind you, I love small and simple pictures, but - I'd like to be able to do something more complex too! That said, I think I should really start working on my sumi-e, because that style of painting probably suits me better than more Western approaches, and I might be able to achieve some success there if I study enough...

In any case, I am struggling on with my watercolours. Because I have trouble mixing colours, I got myself a new (well, second-hand) book that seemed really interesting in the sense that it proposes a completely different approach to colour than the ones I had read so far. The book is called Making Color Sing and was written by Jeanne Dobie. She has all sorts of things to say that are much too advanced for me, but the basics I can understand :-). First off, Dobie uses a basic palette that centres around four colours that are normally deemed completely optional: Rose Madder Genuine, Aureolin Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Viridian. She favours them because they are pure pigments and very transparent. The colours you get when you mix them are still luminous, even the greys. Only - well, these colours aren't very lightfast, so some artists say that Dobie is insane recommending them :P. Well, I don't much care. My paintings aren't on display, so my Rose Madder Genuine isn't going to fade any time soon. I'll remember the lightfastness issue if anyone should ever commission a painting from me - but seeing how amateurish I still am, I think I still have quite a lot of time to worry about replacement colours ;-).

Anyway: the picture above, as the one below the cut, have both been painted with Dobie's basic colours.


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Concrit & good advice are very welcome!

Dumbledore is gay!!!

Saturday, 20 October 2007 03:01 pm
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YAAAAAAAAAYYYY! Dumbledore is gay!!!!

...I'm sorry, I should not perhaps be all whoopee about this, it's a bit childish... The thing is that Dumbledore is the one character in canon who has always given off a gay vibe to me. I have read slash with Snape, with Lupin, with Ron and Harry and Draco - just about everyone. But none of these characters ever seemed gay to me. Dumbledore did. He always did. Seriously. I'm not sure I can explain why, but it was just there.

Because I am into Queer Studies, and many of my favourite artists were/are gay, and I actually like to write about gay characters, it troubled me a little that I could never see that in Snape or Lupin or James or Sirius or whoever. I mean, it's sort of my job to detect that sort of thing. But Dumbledore... Ha! What a relief! Finally Rowling said something in an interview that makes me really, really happy. Happy because she did include a queer character, and supremely happy because I spotted it :D.

I wish I could refer you to a post or a comment as proof of my long-standing belief in Gaydore, but I'm afraid I no longer remember where to look for one. You'll just have to trust me to speak the truth :-).

Yay! Yaaaaayyy!!

*goes off to celebrate*
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You know, maybe I'll give up ficcing after all. I have reached an all-time low, tormented by the fact that canon contains so many stupid twists that my poor brain doesn't know how to base something decent on this junk. I mean - it is impossible to stick to Potter canon for the simple reason that it contradicts itself, so if you go by one bit, it doesn't gel with another. And the irony is that though Rowling can get away with it, I sort of can't.

Below is a problem I have with Snape's timeline. Any theories that can help me make sense of it and ease the terrible pain in my brain will be very, very much appreciated.

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I am late to the party, but after three years in fandom I find that I can’t just pretend I haven’t read the last book. So I review. Warning: I am trying to be fair, but it is not easy.

Note: I have read the book only once, but will reread soon.

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Morals, Snape, and Dumbledore, with Mucho Feeling )
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I had a story brewing since ... June, I think - my first funny tale (mind you, it's still a Sigune story so please don't expect to roll over the floor laughing), which to my mind was quite an event. For two months or more I struggled, would you believe it, with the ending alone :-). BUT now it's finally ready and posted at no less than three archives at once - a bit of an overreaction, I guess... However, the Sycophant Hex mods were the quickest to validate it, so if you don't want to wait for FA (where I made it into Riddikulus, *at last*!) or Mugglenet (where it is supposed to support poor ailing Gryffindor House), you can read it at Occlumency. Oh, and it's dedicated to Steph, who hopefully won't find that a cause for embarrassment... *grins*

Monkey Business
Some animals are just not meant to be pets. A tale of friendship, choices and many, many familiars.

Situated before HBP.
Rating: my usual PG
Genres: Humor, Friendship
Characters: Brynhild Bromley (sorry - she just keeps popping in), Albus Dumbledore, and Severus Snape of course.
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Ah, brilliant: by the time everybody has become really tired of theories, mine is finally ready. I claim in my defence that I was delayed in reading Half-Blood Prince to begin with, and then there was that ... shock ... that made me miss whole shards of text because I could not believe what I was reading and so just rushed on. I will definitely have to reread everything (instead of just snippets) when I have calmed down a little.

As you can imagine, my main concern with this book and the next centres on Severus Snape. The events in Half-Blood Prince blew me off my feet, to the point that I thought I had seen the last of my fanficcing fun – but I am happy to say that I have recovered my senses in the meantime and have every intention of merrily going on with my writing.
Oh yes: I trust Severus Snape. That is to say, he still makes perfect sense to me.

I have formed a somewhat rough analysis of and theory about Snape’s behaviour in Half-Blood Prince – hopefully a little dissimilar from those you will have read so far – and which, if you feel like it, you are very welcome to delve into and comment upon (please do!). It will become more refined as I reread, but I do think it has some useful points already.

Here it is, in a long (but, I like to think, not dry) essay for those who think they are up to stomaching yet another theory :-).

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hogwarts


Part the First: Sevvie and Cissy (*ahem* forgive me…)
More )

Part the Second: Black Wizard, White Wizard – or, Dumbledore’s Fatal Mistake
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