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My entry for the Pure-Blood Prince Fest at [ profile] e_prince_snape, and cross-posted there...

Title: November
Author/Artist: [ profile] sigune
Rating: G
Pairing(s)/character(s): Eileen Prince (& Tobias Snape)
Challenge: Pure-blood Prince fest. My prompt was #63, "photograph".
Summary: In November 1959, Tobias Snape gets it into his head to take a photograph of his wife.
Warnings: none whatsoever.
Notes: I signed up for art, but ended up writing a 100-word drabble alongside it :).


When he entered the house whistling, Eileen groaned. He had fixed the thing, as he had said he would. She knew there was no escape now.

“Go on, into the light with you!” Tobias ordered, triumphantly waving the old camera at her.

“Sentimental nonsense,” Eileen muttered; but she hoisted herself out of her chair, and pulled on a coat and hat against the crisp November cold.

Once outside, watching her husband fidget with the camera, she could not stop a faint smile of amusement from curling her mouth. Very well, then. But she refused to look at the stupid birdie.

Our Eileen, November 1959. )
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Yes, I'm going to regret posting this because it will be an embarrassment. You see, I wrote this drabble yesterday, my very first, with - believe it or not - the required no-more-than-100 words. Exactly.

Now, I never thought I could write anything in exactly 100 words, so the fact that I did is a sort of triumph. HOWEVER -

It's not a good drabble. It's pretty lousy, even. The only thing it has taught me is that the art of drabble-writing is something very special and a bit like poetry. It's very difficult for me to develop a story or an idea adequately within the strict confines of a particular form, especially when this form demands a severe limitation of the number of words used. I guess I'm just the wordy, long-winded type - which is odd, because in my academic writing I say a lot in few words. *is puzzled*

Anyway: here, for you to jeer at, is my first ever drabble. Why post it at all? Because I still love the idea behind it, and have hopes of improving the thing one day.

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, I suppose. Het.
Pairing: Severus/Brynhild, but could be any (slightly paranoid) man and any woman.
Word count: 100
Divested )


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