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[ profile] lunafish commissioned me to draw a companion piece for Intimacy, which she also owns. I used the same media, but another paper colour. The pieces are supposed to match, but hopefully there is some evolution to be seen in the art :).

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 07:18 pm
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I unexpectedly find myself with extra time on my hands, so I thought I might offer to do commissions, if anyone is interested.


I will draw knights, historical characters, original characters and fanart. If you want me to draw one of your own characters (or characters from a fandom I don't know), please provide me with enough reference.

I will not draw realistic portraits or actors (I'm just not good at those).

Series/fandoms/comics/characters I am familiar with include:
Harry Potter, Hellboy, Blade of the Immortal, Avatar: The Last Airbender, ElfQuest, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, XXX-Holic, Chobits, Vagabond, Fables, Batwoman (Kate Kane), Catwoman, Wolverine, Thor...

Please note my Special Snape Rule: I won't prettify Snape or make him look like Alan Rickman. Also, I won't draw Snape in the nude. Just saying. You know he'd crawl out of my Potter books at night and strangle me if I broke that rule.

Have a look at my dA gallery to see what kinds of things I can do. I like a challenge, but I have my weak points (which I think are pretty obvious). Please don't ask me to draw a tavern brawl, a naval battle or the interior of a cathedral. I mean, you can ask, but I know my limits and I do want to make you something good.


You can choose between inks, watercolours, colour pencils, charcoal and pencils, if you have a preference. I use high-quality materials and heavy paper.


Note me or send me an e-mail at severelysigune at yahoo dot co dot uk if you would like to commission me. Once we are agreed on the contents, technique and price, I will start on the pencils for your drawing. Those will be sent to you, at which point you can request changes. Once you have approved the pencils, I will ask you to pay me and I will start work on the final version of your picture.

Please bear in mind that I work with traditional media and cannot make any changes once I have started work on the definitive version of the picture.

The picture will be sent to you when I have received your money.


My standard price for an A4-sized drawing is €50 ($68) + shipping & handling (if you want the original). Depending on how complex a picture you want, the price may vary a bit.

I can also offer other sizes, from postcards to A3 - price to be discussed.


I accept bank transfers from people in the EU. You can also send the money through Paypal.

...Any takers? :)
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I haven't gone "all digital, all the time" or anything; I have just been reconnoitering in the Mysterious Land of Photoshop. Two things I have tried on the way are painting without line art and line art without painting :). NATURALLY I am happier about the latter attempt than about the former. I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that, well, lines are love, and that in all other fields I'm even more amateurish. Eh.

OK, introductions:

The painting (which could have looked better, but was certainly fun to do) depicts Shelby Sweet, an OC belonging to Haius, who won my 30,000 kiriban at dA. I was rather happy with the picture when I had just done it - probably because I had seen it grow step by step. In the meantime, I think things are wrong with the proportions of the face and the colouring is too ... bland. Whereas I can mix a good skin tone with watercolour, I am clearly not succeeding with Photoshop. Also - though it is not relevant to this particular picture - it bugs me that I still have no idea how to get that particular kind of smoothness that Japanese-style digital colouring tends to have. Read more... )

Our second guest is Morgana, who helped me discover the new brushes in CS5. I guess I basically started off with the intention of finding out whether or not these new brushes made the idea of doing line art digitally more appealing. The answer to that question is yes - but so far, I still like my pens and brushes more. Still, I might turn out a digital concept sketch now and then.

I guess the thing that bothers me most about working digitally, apart from the brush quality, is that I just don't find it as comfortable as drawing on paper. The simple fact that you can move a sheet any way you like is something I miss. Sure, CS4 and CS5 have a function that allows you to turn your digital sheet, but somehow the effect isn't the same - at least not for me.

Anyway: Morgana )

Next time: non-digital stuff.
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Lookie lookie! It's Snape art! :D

I haven't posted any Snape art for a while. I haven't written any Snape for even longer. That's what happens when you have an ongoing original project, I guess... But these last months (I'm afraid I do keep people waiting ;^_^) I have received three Snape commissions at once, so the ex-Potions Master, ex-Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, ex-Headmaster has been on my mind quite a bit. And then I haven't even mentioned the prospect of the Big Bang next January! I have started brainstorming about that too.

One thing I have noticed while working on my commissions is that drawing Snape is still tremendous fun. There is nothing quite like that hooknose and those black robes... :P


I have also realised that Deathly Hallows hasn't really changed 'my' Snape. The character I draw is the same sarcastic, tenacious and rather ruthless git I used to write before the seventh book ruined it for me. The only - rather worrying - difference is that these days, I seem to be making him more handsome (see sketchie above) than he is supposed to be. And I'm not doing it on purpose! That's just painful. He's ugly, dammit!

Ah well. In any case: have some Snape.

her glasses - teaser

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[ profile] redvelvetcanopy commissioned a picture of Esten, a character in the original novel she is writing. Although initially I was a little daunted (whenever am I not?!), I immediately liked the thought of getting to draw a warrior, partly because I am getting into that for my War in Gaul project, and partly because he would have to be very different from Snape. And let's not forget that I just love swords :P. Even when I still had little idea of how to tackle Esten himself, I already knew which sword I was going to draw... *g*

Esten )
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Welcome to my first sort of attempt at something supposed to resemble a tutorial. The best thing I could think of was to take you step by step through the process of inking a picture, and addressing as many issues as possible with your answers to my tutorial poll as a guideline. Because some of the issues you have put to me are quite terrifying (and, to be frank, I don’t think I am the right person to help you with them), I opted for a focus on something in which I at least have a little confidence *g*.

A note before I start:
The only education I ever received art-wise was in secondary school, one hour a week in my first two years there (ages 12-13). The only thing I actually learnt and remembered was a thing my teacher told me at the very beginning: that the single most important thing for any artist is to develop a personal style, a manner that distinguishes him or her from all others. The teacher in question was quite a celebrity in my hometown, and maybe she said it as an easy excuse for not teaching us anything resembling technique; but the fact is that I always did remember those words, and whatever its countless shortcomings, my art is recognisably mine.

I have drawn countless pictures, teaching myself by copying all manner of artists – comics artists (Merho – as a girl; then Wendy Pini; later Enrico Marini, Mike Mignola, Colleen Doran, and Linda Medley), illustrators (Warwick Goble, Arthur Rackham and Aubrey Beardsley), and several greats of the artistic canon (Alfons Mucha, Gustav Klimt). Though I have consulted a number of “How To” books, I have learnt much more from looking at what my favourite artists do. I am afraid I do not believe in the “How To” style. Whenever an art book tells me what I should do, I do it differently. That is not just because I am stubborn (I am, very) and difficult (I certainly am), but also because I don’t want to be a clone. I would therefore ask you not to treat what follows as “How To”. I called it “How Not To”. But if you find something that you can bend to your purpose – well, that’s good, of course :D.

Warning: very image-heavy! )

1. First Things First: What and When
Read more... )

2. Stuff I Used:
Read more... )

3. Design and Draw: The Sketch
Read more... )

4. Tracing
Read more... )

5. The Inking
Read more... )
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Below is the second picture for [ profile] seaislewitch’s trilogy Romance, Slytherin Style (read it at [ profile] romance_slythrn).

Featuring Pansy and Draco; utterly G.

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Two Slytherins )
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[ profile] seaislewitch commissioned this picture from me for her trilogy Romance, Slytherin Style which you can read at [ profile] romance_slythrn. And look, it's my first ever Draco! :)

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I am open to commissions from now on.

This is all very much in the experimental stage, so I beg your indulgence, and suggestions for improvements are welcome… I have drawn up a number of options and details below. I added a few restrictions, mainly because I’m nervous and do want to give you a decent service *g*.

Options )
Prices )
Will and Won't )
Time )

For more information, please contact me at sigune at livejournal dot com.
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I said previously that I'd start taking commissions in November. Well, November is drawing closer, and I'm still not sure about how to arrange payment. I have never bought fanart, and the only piece I have sold I delivered personally in Vegas, but I obviously can't do that all the time :D. I have no experience at all with the whole thing, but I know that some of you do. Please help me out by taking the poll, commenting and letting me share in your wisdom!

[Poll #851225]

Thank you! :)
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[ profile] sugarplumkitten asked me about commissions today, and I thought I'd post another poll to find out a bit more about the expectations of those people who are considering ordering a picture with me.

My previous poll brought to light that 9 readers of my journal are definitely interested in commissioning a picture; on top of that, 8 more are interested if the prices are reasonable :D.

Now, as you well know, my artwork (doesn't that sound ponderous and self-important?) is not digital; it's invariably done the old-fashioned way with pens, pencils, paint, markers and whatever on paper or cardboard. That means that when a drawing changes hands, it is forever gone from me. I am not sure how understandable this is in view of the relatively limited artistic value of my scribbles (they're not Picassos, right?), but to me, definitively handing over something that I have created with love and patience is not an easy thing. I can do it, when I know from the start that I am working for someone else; but it is obvious to me that an original is going to be sold at a higher price than a print or scan of which the original stays with me.

In view of the concerns about price, then, I would like to hear from you what kind of an image you would expect; if different options get checked, I will consider them and make different prices.

Secondly, I would also like to hear what attitude you take towards commissioned art at all - what kind of freedom or limits you would set to the person who does a drawing for you.

Please help me out and take the poll! Advice, concerns, comments are very welcome :).

[Poll #785586]

Commissions: a Poll

Tuesday, 20 June 2006 12:28 pm
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I suppose I am so proud of myself because I finally finished my very first commission that I have started to think about offering to do more. These days I am far too busy, but within a few months I will be without a job and without an income (hopefully not for long, gah), and I will have time to work on order. There are a few things to figure out, though, like subjects (fandom only or not?), prices and shipping and stuff; but before I even start to think about those, I would like to know whether there would be any interest at all... So please take the poll!

[Poll #751976]

Thank you! :)


Wednesday, 14 June 2006 11:18 am
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Some time ago now I posted this sketch with Snape and my OFC Brynhild sitting on a sofa together, saying that I hoped to fix the sketch some day and turn it into a decent drawing. As it turned out, [ profile] lunafish immediately fell in love with it, and asked me to finish the drawing as my first commission ever.

Poor [ profile] lunafish had to wait a long time; I was very slow about it all. But now the drawing is ready to be shared :). As it is a commission, the picture now belongs to Lunafish, so I must ask you not to use any part of it unless she gives permission.

Title: Intimacy
Artist: [ profile] sigune
Pairing: Severus Snape, Brynhild Bromley
Rating: G
Medium: softlead pencils on grey cardboard
Disclaimers and Notes: Snape belongs to JKR, of course; nobody but me bears any responsibility concerning the existence of Brynhild ;).


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

PS: Brynhild now has her own journal at Phoenix Rising: [ profile] pr_brynhild :).


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