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...I'm getting sentimental in my old age ;-). But seriously, the man has suffered enough in canon, hasn't he?

A very quick picture to celebrate *g* (pencils on the train, speed-inking at home).

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The Snapedom Summer Fest is nearly over! I really enjoyed taking part in it; I thought it was a great idea and I hope there will be a repeat next summer :D. For those of you who weren’t in the loop (though at this point it is difficult to imagine anyone being less in the loop than myself): the Fest was an exchange between writers, artists and crafters. So I would draw an illustration for a writer’s existing story, and a writer would write a story to go with one of my existing pictures. I got matched with [ profile] mary_j_59. And it’s really high time I pointed you at the story she wrote for me!

If you have ever read any of Mary’s stories, you will know that she is not really into spectacular action or incredible romance. Instead, she paints sensitive, psychologically true pictures of her characters, who are at their most interesting between grand events rather than in the middle of them. She likes them deeply human, with imperfections that touch her readers. Me, I lurve imperfections XD.

I was really excited when Mary said she wanted to tackle Ride of the Valkyrie, my slightly crazy picture featuring Snape, my OFC Brynhild Bromley, and a white horse. I had never expected anyone to be interested in writing my original character - I had never heard of a writer writing another person’s Snape/OFC ship! Naturally I was thrilled, and even more so because it was Mary who would be writing…

Brynhild in Mary’s story sounds so much like Brynhild that it makes me all giggly and a little spooked out *g*. And I just adore that my favourite hag, Severus’s mother-in-law, gets to put in an appearance too :D. My OFCs and I feel loved and honoured. Thank you very much for a great gift, Mary!

Go, pop over to Snapedom and have a look…

Ride of the Valkyrie!

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Did I mention that I spent the Easter weekend with Cecilia/cabepfir? ;-)

...I did.

Anyway: when Cecilia visited the Sleeper's Den, she was kind enough to try and teach the Den's inhabitant a thing or two about watercolour, one of the media she handles really well. I was dying to pick up a few tips, anything that could help me improve, and, well, I did :-). Cecilia had to teach me the basic-est of basics, and I'm immensely happy that she had the patience to do so.

Now, I didn't actually paint anything while she was here. I did start a picture, but I just didn't get very far on account of the tedious fact that watercolour takes so much time to dry, and we had started so late :P. The result was that I had to try and practice what I had seen and heard when I was on my own again. I was a bit nervous about that, and I actually left the picture to lie around until last weekend. But once I had started painting, I couldn't stop anymore - it was such fun! - and I produced no less than three pictures (all of which I had admittedly set up in advance). Here they are.

Photobucket Ambiorix in the Woods (G)

Photobucket Brynhild (G)

Photobucket The Lady under the Cherry Tree (G)

Ambiorix in the Woods )

Brynhild )

The Lady under the Cherry Tree )
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Squee! Tidemark won me a banner at [ profile] romancingwizard! I'm really happy that it has been so well-received - it does make me feel eager to write again :-). It is nice to be able to upload a new story to my archive accounts... At FA and Petulant Poetess it is still pending, but at Occlumency it is already up, here.


Fic: Tidemark (PG)

Saturday, 23 February 2008 12:22 pm
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Here is is: my first post-DH fic... It is as canon-compliant as I could get it. I may have admitted to Snily (it's hard to get around these days), but at least I have made Brynhild fit in :-).

Title: Tidemark
Author: [ profile] sigune
Beta: [ profile] todayiamadaisy
Wizard/Witch: Severus Snape/Lily Evans; Severus Snape/Brynhild Bromley (OFC)
Rating/Warnings: G/PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Word count: Exactly 750
Prompt: #6, marriage proposal
Summary: She’s a whisper in water, a secret for him to hear. He’s the one who grows distant, when she beckons him near.


The challenge requirements - because the writing was prompted by [ profile] romancingwizard's seventeenth challenge - were a pain at times, but in other ways they helped me. The word limit, especially, forced me to keep to the point and to streamline the story.
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Last Saturday the desire took me to buy some nicely textured coloured paper, because I was bored with pencils on white. While I was at the art supplies shop, I thought I might as well get myself a few pastel pencils too, because I'd never tried those and I just happen to be impossibly curious ;-). This time, however, I decided to be wise and to buy loose pencils instead of a whole box, waiting until I had some idea as to what I would actually need. So, colourful as I am, I went home with four Koh-i-Noor pastel pencils: white, pale grey, mouse grey and black. And I produced two pictures.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The first is a bit of a try-out on white paper in a notebook. It's inspired by Snape's first encounter with Lily and the odd figure he cuts in his too-large coat. I just adore the picture of him 'flapping after the girls, looking ludicrously bat-like, like his older self'. (It's one of these images that make DH at all palatable.)

Bat Boy )

The second picture - on coloured paper this time - is of Brynhild. While I was working on it, I couldn't help feeling that there was something familiar about it... In the meantime I have decided that it's heavily (though unconsciously) influenced by the Flemish Primitives XD. Not only have I made a grisaille, the high forehead and the way I did the eyes are similar to those of Renaissance women's portraits I have seen in Bruges and elsewhere. I have been looking for a particular portrait that comes to my mind when I look at this picture, but I can't recall who painted it and I haven't been able to find it so far...

Mourning )
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*points at “not” in title*
You have been warned.
Also, this post contains spoilers for DH. The spoiler in the drawings is relative, if you ask me :-).

Feel free to skip all the tutorial stuff (which is image-heavy and, well, totally unprofessional) and sneak a peek at the pictures in my LJ gallery, here (pencils); here (inks); and here (watercolour).

I should really be doing other things, but I am still trying to cope with Deathly Hallows (*g*) and found that I needed to get a silly picture out of my system (in fact, more are popping up; I must squash them, aaaargh!!!). I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work out, and I made scans and took pictures of the several stages, so I thought I might as well share them. Hence: a tutorial of sorts, though I’m not quite convinced that anyone stands anything to gain from my totally uninformed methods…

The picture is rated G (big surprise :P) and it’s a sort of joke. But it won’t work unless you know that the woman with the huge nose is my OFC, whose name is Brynhild.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hojotoho! )

1. What I Used
Read more... )

2. Pencils
Read more... )

3. Inks
Read more... )

4. Watercolour Pencils
Read more... )

5. Watercolour Paint
Read more... )

The Ride of the Valkyrie )

I shouldn’t have been drawing and writing this when I still owe:
[ profile] bethbethbeth a drawing;
[ profile] redvelvetcanopy a drawing;
somebody at [ profile] dh_predictions a drabble/drawble/ficlet/whatever;
lots of people replies to their comments on my previous two posts;
and the world (;P) a heap of RL writing –

…But I couldn’t help it. Will change my wicked ways as best I can. Trying to catch up.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


It’s a first – I won a banner at [ profile] romancingwizard! Considering how unromantic I am, that’s quite amazing. Thank you, mods! :D

The contest asked for drawbles, and those things appear to be rather difficult to define; that is why [ profile] seaislewitch came up with the idea of setting a size limit of 300x300 pixels. Now, because I don’t work directly on the computer, and have no idea how to adapt my drawings to the size of an image in pixels, I just made two pictures in a format convenient to me and afterwards cropped them with Photoshop. Posted below are the full drawings from which I took my contest entries (clicking them takes you to the cropped versions), plus sketches.

Paper Chains )

Jewels )
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[ profile] pr_rpg ended on 30 October, but I - suffering from tortuous writing processes - have only just managed to bring the story of [ profile] pr_snape to a close. I apologise to those among you who have friended the man in question for littering your flist with that "Coming Soon" thingy, but [ profile] pr_aerie got closed down before I had my entry ready, and I absolutely wanted the link in place. If you read it and think, "What took her so long about this short text?", well, I couldn't decide on the shape, even if I have known for ages what the ending would be -_-. Anyway - this is it, finally: the end.

[ profile] pr_brynhild's last entry, How to be Free in One Lesson, can be considered the one but final chapter as it ties a few things together in greater detail than they are dealt with in the Snape text;


[ profile] pr_snape's Brave New World is the very last instalment of the saga.

With that, I have done my duty as far as securing Snape's future after Book 7 by means of fanfic is concerned ;P.

I don't think I have ever written such a long story in my life; what an adventure it has been :)...

Hope you enjoyed it!

RPG Update

Friday, 11 August 2006 11:52 am
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For those of you interested in Phoenix Rising ([ profile] pr_rpg, not to be confused with the conference :D), I would like to draw your attention to a few goings-on that are important to Snape but aren’t posted at his own journal – they appear at [ profile] pr_brynhild and at [ profile] pr_aerie. Two important little plots are developing that will become relevant in about a month, so don’t miss them if you want to follow Snape’s story to the full :)…

The first involves Brynhild – in fact, this is the part of the story that necessitated my giving her a journal of her own. The second is the Narcissa plot. Both are linked in this [ profile] pr_snape entry: Abstinence and Exuberance. (Poor Snape, he’s struggling with the women in his life… He wants to have his cake and eat it.)

Brynhild’s reaction follows in At the Ministerium, the first of two (or three) posts that will make up a small story arc. There is going to be some moving back and forth between the [ profile] pr_snape and [ profile] pr_brynhild journals because … well, I can’t tell yet :). In any case, these letters link the Ministerium post and the one that is projected to follow.

The Narcissa plot started here, in very my first [ profile] pr_rpg post. The next part is here – and I’m actually rather happy with it; the tone is better than that of the first Narcissa instalment, I feel.

Finally, I am happy to announce that Desmond Avery, too, has received a journal identity, though he will have to share it with a few others under the rather anonymous username of [ profile] pr_deatheater2. In any case I made him his own icon, and when the next major plot develops – the really big one in which Snape gets to participate in an adventure that involves a lot of other players – you know that you can expect to see old Avery as well :).


Wednesday, 14 June 2006 11:18 am
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Some time ago now I posted this sketch with Snape and my OFC Brynhild sitting on a sofa together, saying that I hoped to fix the sketch some day and turn it into a decent drawing. As it turned out, [ profile] lunafish immediately fell in love with it, and asked me to finish the drawing as my first commission ever.

Poor [ profile] lunafish had to wait a long time; I was very slow about it all. But now the drawing is ready to be shared :). As it is a commission, the picture now belongs to Lunafish, so I must ask you not to use any part of it unless she gives permission.

Title: Intimacy
Artist: [ profile] sigune
Pairing: Severus Snape, Brynhild Bromley
Rating: G
Medium: softlead pencils on grey cardboard
Disclaimers and Notes: Snape belongs to JKR, of course; nobody but me bears any responsibility concerning the existence of Brynhild ;).


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

PS: Brynhild now has her own journal at Phoenix Rising: [ profile] pr_brynhild :).
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Previously on the Bromley Saga, I disclosed the origins of my OFC Brynhild Bromley and uncovered her previous existence as a Mary Sue. By the end of my exposé, I had her appearance fixed, but she had yet to take her first steps into the world of prose.

Image hosted by

Why did it take her so long to get there? The answer is very simply that I was afraid of how she might behave in writing. I was in the thralls of Original Character Anxiety, something I had never experienced with any of my other ‘concoctions’. Even after Bromelia was made over into Brynhild, I didn’t trust myself with her. And, to be quite frank, I wasn’t sure I had a story to tell in which I could justify her presence.

But the thing is that Brynhild wouldn’t go away - to use a hackneyed phrase that has been called upon to justify all, from silly characters to idiotic plot bunnies. She languished in my head until I knew all sorts of things about her: that her father was an ex-Quidditch player now into broomstick manufacturing; that she spent her childhood in Yorkshire and now lived in London; what her eating habits were and that she couldn’t cook; how she dressed; what shoes she wore; which books she read; what pets she kept; what she watched on television; how the inside of her house looked. I even knew perfectly well how she felt about Snape and what their friendship was like. I imagined she was there in the background, and that rather than staying for dinner at Grimmauld Place during the action in Order of the Phoenix, it was at her house that Snape had his meals. (He had to do the cooking himself, of course, except when they had fish and chips or went out.) I suppose I would have alluded to these things if they had somehow come up in my genfic stories, but they never did.

I did draw Brynhild and Snape together, occasionally; but I never finished those sketches into inked drawings because they always turned out fluffy. For some reason, Snape would always insist on smiling, and how unnatural is that?

Pictorial Fluff Warning )
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Original Female Characters are probably the most reviled beings to dwell in the fanfictional Potterverse. Many readers hit the back button when they see one listed among a story’s cast. Is this prejudice justified? I don’t think so. Let’s be honest: a bad writer probably won’t get a character right, no matter if it’s canon or not, and decent writers are likely to create good original characters, even female ones. OFC does not automatically signify Mary Sue, and even an OFC with a few Sue characteristics does not a bad story make. Better still: give someone like Grainne a random real Sue and she will craft something brilliant with the little monster!

Still, nobody said it was easy, and I for one couldn’t pull it off.

[ profile] _grainne_ and [ profile] lunafish were foolish enough to express interest in my OFC Brynhild and how she evolved from her forebear Bromelia “Sue” Bromley, whose acquaintance you could make in Uncommon Flower, the delicious tale Grainne span for me on the occasion of the S.N.A.P.E. contest. (If you missed it, you can find it here.) Because I somehow like all my creations – even Bromelia – for no better reason than that they are the fruits of my imagination, I wasted no time and delved into my vast archives (*ahem*) to retrieve old Bromley material. I display it here for your pleasure and delectation – I hope :-). You are kindly invited to have a good laugh at my Sue antics…

Contains many sketches, demented plot bunnies and a fragment of a story…

1. The Birth of Venus – er, no – Bromelia

Image hosted by
Read more... )

2. The New Bromelia: Brynhild

Read more... )

Oh – and here is a Sigune doll to prove that the one thing you can’t accuse me of is that I made either Bromelia or Brynhild a kind of improved likeness of myself. Not that this is an accurate portrait, but you get the idea ;-)…

Image hosted by
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Here is the story I won in [ profile] _vocalion_'s ArtPad contest. Grainne wrote a Sue of my making into Chapter Two of HBP, and the result is as delicious as chocolate with hazelnuts. Enjoy!

An Uncommon Flower:
“Spinner’s End” Revised


Dedicated to Sigune, who kindly lends her to well-established talents to the ephemeral world of ArtPad.



The Bromleys officially belong to Sigune (although I’m not sure if she’ll want Bromelia back); all other major characters in the story belong to JKR. The beginning of the second section, up until Bromelia’s arrival, is transcribed almost directly from the canon (I have changed the verb tenses and inserted some of Snape’s thoughts). Everything else is my own damn fault, including my poor imitation of Sigune’s sly humour and gorgeous writing style. I have inserted a few references to the words and works of a certain notorious wit, so in the event that the story fails to amuse, one can at least have fun finding where the Wilde things are.

Sue/Story Summary:

Bromelia Bromley has a spirit as irrepressible as her frizzy hair, a wardrobe any streetwalker would die for, amazing wandless powers, a head for Legilimency, and a penchant for fine Italian boots. What is this perennially perky and dreadfully determined anti-heroine doing in a grotty place like Spinner’s End? And, more importantly, will she be at all welcome on an evening when that street’s most enigmatic resident is already entertaining some unexpected female company? This is the tale of what happens when one Sue rushes in where most fan authors (rightly) fear to tread—Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Two.

Image hosted by
Read more... )
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I had a story brewing since ... June, I think - my first funny tale (mind you, it's still a Sigune story so please don't expect to roll over the floor laughing), which to my mind was quite an event. For two months or more I struggled, would you believe it, with the ending alone :-). BUT now it's finally ready and posted at no less than three archives at once - a bit of an overreaction, I guess... However, the Sycophant Hex mods were the quickest to validate it, so if you don't want to wait for FA (where I made it into Riddikulus, *at last*!) or Mugglenet (where it is supposed to support poor ailing Gryffindor House), you can read it at Occlumency. Oh, and it's dedicated to Steph, who hopefully won't find that a cause for embarrassment... *grins*

Monkey Business
Some animals are just not meant to be pets. A tale of friendship, choices and many, many familiars.

Situated before HBP.
Rating: my usual PG
Genres: Humor, Friendship
Characters: Brynhild Bromley (sorry - she just keeps popping in), Albus Dumbledore, and Severus Snape of course.
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Image hosted by

Hermione, Clancy and Brynhild

This picture is dedicated to [ profile] _vocalion_ and [ profile] _grainne_, in celebration of their fanfic winnings. (I know it's a bit late, but I work slowly... :-)

Now for some fiction

Thursday, 23 June 2005 10:43 pm
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This week has so far been rather marvellous: [ profile] _grainne_ (with The Pleasure of Your Company), [ profile] _vocalion_ (with The Futility of Reason), [ profile] larilee (with Overnight Sensation), [ profile] seaislewitch (with Wand Stories), [ profile] perselus (with Confessions of a Death Eater) and yours sincerely have all done well at Sycophant Hex’s Spring Faire Festival. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am still enjoying the fact… :-P

The Spring Faire has gently reminded me that I am a writer, too, so I thought that for the occasion I’d post a snippet of fiction. I have plenty of unfinished or discarded fragments of stories floating around on my computer, and what follows is one of them. It is only fair to warn you that it has not been beta-read – I never intended it for any fanfic archive.

Then why post it here at all? Consider it a glimpse into my fanfic kitchen. Before I start writing a character ‘for real’, I need to know all about them: their favourite food, the shoes they wear, the books they read (or if they read any); but also how they were as small children, as teens, as young adults, and who their family are and what their relation to them is. My reflections about characters tend to lead to drawings, but also to snippets of text; more often than not, these remain unused – they are just a kind of exercise in getting the voices or the tone right, and they become an invisible part of the background to other stories.

As She Likes It, my Spring Faire story, is more or less the official introduction of my OFC Brynhild Bromley. (Strictly speaking she had already made an appearance in The Good-Morrow, but there she remained anonymous.) She was a long time in the making – she was the first original character I invented, but I struggled with her for a very, very long time. She would probably never have made it into (virtual) print without the encouragement of my friend Potioncat, who managed to convince me that OFCs are nothing to be ashamed of if properly written. (Yes, I did need convincing; at that time I had not yet discovered Occlumency and its enticing Original Females…)

One day I found I had Brynhild pinned. She had a large family with a history; a broomstick obsession; hobbies; a record; an evolving dress style; a career; a distinct personality; and several pets (with names, temperaments and all). She was Severus Snape’s friend from childhood. Instead of pouring the details into a list, I shaped them into a sketch – an exploration of several characters at a given moment that also features Severus as a seven-year-old, his mother Septimia, Gunhilda von Bork, and winks to my other great passions, the Wilde family and Arthurian legend. Here it is, imperfect and sketchy.

How they met... )


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