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Friday, 23 July 2010 01:14 am
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Okay: I am not the right person to ask for advice concerning digital artwork, but I thought I'd share a few things anyway, just in case any of you want to take up painting in Photoshop and know even less about it than I do :P. I think I made a leap forward today, though it may not look like much.

Do you remember my War in Gaul banner with its lineart of Ambiorix? For some reason (likely to be the simple fact that I still like it despite its being four years old now) I picked that Ambiorix picture for a digital painting experiment today. The result is below the cut.


Ambiorix )
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I finally got to Tongeren a week later than originally planned. On the day we were set to go, there was such heavy snowfall that we were forced to stay at home, a rather unusual situation for this part of the world. Anyhow - I got there eventually.

I took my camera with me in order to take photos that I can use as reference material for my comic(s). Those of you who are interested can find a selection below. I'm sorry to say that the quality isn't always good. It was dark in the exhibition hall and most objects were set in glass cases in which the camera's flash light would reflect. Because I tried not to use my flash light, a lot of my pictures predicatbly turned out blurry. But I do have a few good ones :).


For an exhibition that carries his name, the display was very light on Ambiorix. Of course that is not so odd: all we know about the man is contained in a few paragraphs of Caesar's De Bello Gallico. Some historians even dispute the fact that he existed at all. So basically the Gallo-Romeins Museum's staff set up an exhibition about the Celts with a focus on the Low Countries and used Ambiorix's name as a kind of lure for the wider public.

Did I, as a long-time Celtophile, learn anything new? Weeelll... Not much. But was it worth my while? Absolutely! The objects on display were most interesting, and there were rather many I had never seen before. By contrast, the audio guide told me very little. There were plenty of things which I would have liked to have seen/heard explained or detailed, but the text was purely "Celts for Beginners". And if you didn't get an audio guide, you barely knew what you were looking at. I wish I'd had an archaeologist handy :/.

Anyway: on to the picspam.

Celtic Picspam )
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Last weekend, our newspaper reported that my favourite Belgian museum, the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren, is open again after having been closed three years for renovation purposes. Better still: the museum announces an exhibition devoted to my favourite Celtic chieftain, Ambiorix! Massive SQUEEage!!! I'm terribly excited and can't wait for the fifth of December XD.

The wonderful news immediately inspired me to mess with my watercolours and churn out two Ambiorix pictures as well as a Gawain portrait. And for some reason I went a bit overboard painting their mouths. Er.

It's funny how the traditional imagery of Ambiorix, the Muscular, Moustachioed, Axe-wielding Hero makes me want to assert my sly, clean-shaven, impish ephebe instead ;-)...



Three paintings, and I'm throwing in a video too. )


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