Sunday, 2 October 2016

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I spent too much time redrawing Bagheera and Shere Khan today, so I only have two figures on offer :/. Tomorrow I have class, so Day 3 will probably see a quick sketch...

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The Coat

Sunday, 2 October 2016 11:12 pm
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Can't explain why, but this one is kinda dear to me.

I have trouble believing that Tobias Snape ever called his son by that outlandish name of Severus. So in my headcanon he refers to Severus as "young 'un" - which I like very much because it happens to sound almost exactly like "jongen", which is the Dutch word for boy.

On a side note, while it seems quite clear to me that Severus was a neglected child, I don't think his parents are entirely to blame for his strange getup. It looks too much like a child's attempt to dress in a wizard's robes and cape.

I have vivid memories of playing Sheriff of Nottingham in a tunic made of an old tablecloth, a cape made of an old curtain, a number of my mother’s vividly-coloured silk scarves and a pair of white suede boots that were several sizes too large. In my head I looked great in them, but my mum was invariably mortified when she discovered I’d actually left the house dressed like that. It was only the expression on my mother's face that ever made me realise that I didn't quite look the way I imagined I did.


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