Sunday, 29 November 2015

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Well, hello: here I am again with no new page. I am deeply sorry about this, and I have no excuse.

It's not even that I'm stuck. I know what I want to tell next and how. I was hoping to go on a short hiatus after finishing the current storyline with Arthur - to take a break during which I could prepare the joining of Gawain's storyline with Arthur's. But working without a buffer for months is proving too problematic, and I feel I had better take the break right now.

If I once more show up without a page this evening, it's because I was sleep-deprived last week and had no energy to draw. That is not good. So what I'm going to try to do this week is to get myself to bed on time in order to be able to draw in the evenings. I want to build up a new buffer in December, then in January I can start posting again, and hopefully there will be no more holes in the posting schedule when small things throw my planning awry.

I promised my illustration teacher I'd have 14 pages of 'new old' comic ready for the evaluation in January, and I have 6 so far, so I have my work cut out for me there as well. But when I have those 14, I can start posting them on, which is something.

Oh and CHRISTMAS CARDS. Should you like one, then send me your address by e-mail (severelysigune at yahoo dot co dot uk or gawaincomic at gmail dot com), or through Facebook or Tumblr if you follow me there. The cards will be printed, so don't be shy, I'll be very glad to send you one if you want, and I print 30 or 40 anyway.

If you don't want a card from a person who doesn't even manage to post a page of her comic each week as promised, I don't blame you, but you could also think of it as some sort of small consolation :p.

There. I'll keep you posted on my progress, and now I'm going to bed because my plan is starting off badly already.


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