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Yes, I still exist! And I'm back!

There is good news and bad. The good news is, I have come carrying sketches. The bad news is, they are fan art. Or maybe that is good news to some?

Here is what happened: I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition that was on show in Brussels this summer, and - well, I'm in full-steam Potterhead mode again :/. I want to draw Snape! (Okay, basically I never stopped drawing Snape, he's just too much fun - but still! I want to draw more Snape!) I even want to write Snape again! I am seriously thinking of picking up my Epic Snapefic of Doom again.

I'm just over halfway in Prisoner of Azkaban, because yes, I need a serious canon refresh if I'm to write HP fic once more. I'm pleasantly surprised by how entertaining I find the books again; I do hope it lasts all the way until the end... My disappointment with Deathly Hallows was fairly monumental. But there are indications that I may have matured in my fandom: I am even getting to terms with Snape not being a Yorkshireman :P.

Anyway, for those who want to know what my Snape looks like these days: have a few outtakes from my sketchbook. First some old stuff...

This is the first elaborate Snape picture I have drawn in a while:

 photo snape_tea_blossoms_web_zpsllfbq3zx.jpg

This was well before my reading Cursed Child. I don't know, I just had to draw Snape with a cup of tea and cherry blossoms... Below are a few studies I did for the same picture.

 photo sketch_01_zpsnlwwetqu.jpg

Oh yes, he also pops up on pages where I'm drawing other characters.

 photo sketch_02_zps4ukvalk8.jpg

Now for some newer stuff... This came up after I'd read Cursed Child and thought its Snape was patchy at best :p.

 photo sketch_08_zpst6tsmrgr.jpg

Some of his lines in the play were very Snapish indeed (I loved his first encounter with Scorpius), but others... Meh. I thought he could be written much better.

 photo sketch_05__zpso4swcerk.jpg

 photo sketch_04_zpsuizroadw.jpg

Oh yes - because I am crazy that way, I am also going to make a Snape doll. Because of the types of sculpt available, he's going to be a young Snape. I have been playing around with ideas a bit...

 photo sketch_03_zpsbuwirue7.jpg

Brynhild is of course back for the story, though I'm wondering at the moment if I have the right (:p) to give him a wife and children as a solution to ... well, his life, basically. I know that I personally would not find it a solution. But then again, my life isn't such a hot mess of messed-up things. I guess I just want someone to make room in their lives for Severus, because goodness knows nobody at Hogwarts or in the Order does. He's just so out of place with the 'good guys'. So I'm always trying to give him a place. With people who like him.

Avery is one of those people. I'm still figuring out what I need from him as a character; he has to be quite different from the way I wrote him in Phoenix Rising.

 photo sketch_06_zpskf9uyt3j.jpg

 photo sketch_07_zps0nqlpbe7.jpg

In other news, I passed my exam a few months ago, and I'm back at art school for my third year. It looks like it's going to be ... intense? I'm getting to continue work on my comic, so there will be more of that soon :).


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